The Prince's Bride
Entourage | Season 3 | Episode 19

The Prince's Bride

TV-MA | 24 MIN

Directed by David Nutter
Written by Rob Weiss

With Vince's mansion hawked to pay for the 'Medellin' script, Ari rushes him and E to meet a shady prince interested in financing the flick. The deal looks promising, but complications arise when Vince picks up a sexual vibe from Prince Yair's wife, Nika. Drama, riding the wave of his TV success, receives a summons to Brett Ratner's mansion, only to realize the director's assistant plucked the wrong name from the 'Five Towns' credits - he wanted Drama's teenage co-star. Johnny refuses to leave the house without a role, so Ratner dangles a bit part as a bus driver to lure him out of the pool.

Turtle lands a date with his dream girl, Kelly, but his plans slowly crumble beneath her family's intrusions and officially die when her dad, Rufus, chases him off. Vince has better luck with Yair, who literally serves a check on a silver platter - with one caveat: Vince must go upstairs and have sex with Nika. With the offer on the table, the prospective financier joins Ari and E for billiards, leaving Vince to consider the dilemma looming above him.