The Resurrection
Entourage | Season 3 | Episode 18

The Resurrection

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Directed by David Nutter
Written by Doug Ellin & Ally Musika

'Five Towns' is about to debut, and Drama is doing everything he can to avoid seeing any reviews for his new series. He swears to spend the entire day relaxing, but instead he finds himself agonizing over the pending premiere. To release the tension, he hits an Asian "massage parlor" but ends up seeing a copy of Variety as his masseuse gets down to business. He gives in and reads the review of his performance, freaking out when he sees he's been panned.

Vince and Eric tell Ari they'll return to Miller Gold on one condition - that he delivers 'Medellin.' So, Ari sets up a meeting with super-producer Joe Roberts to try to sell him on the project. Roberts agrees to make Medellin happen, but he has a condition of his own: Vince must agree to FINALLY appear in 'Matterhorn.' Vince refuses to do "Matterhorn", and he and E hatch a new plan - to buy 'Medellin' and make the film themselves. Rather than enter a bidding war, Roberts backs out of 'Medellin,' allowing Vince and E to acquire the script for $5 million.

As a consolation gift for Drama, the crew fixes up his car. While picking up the ride, Turtle falls for Kelly, the daughter of the repair shop's owner and the female version of himself. Against all odds (and with only vague approval from her father), Turtle gets her phone number. However, the car repair backfires, sending Drama further down the spiral of depression because he sees it as ANOTHER thing he has to rely on his brother to do for him. Drama hops in the car and drives off into the night, ending up at the Grand Canyon. The next morning, he finally decides to answer Vince's calls and is shocked to hear that 'Five Towns' drew 16 million viewers to become a certified hit. Johnny Drama has finally become a star.