Strange Days
Entourage (LWM) | Season 3 | Episode 7

Strange Days

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Directed by Mark Mylod
Written by Marc Abrams & Michael Benson

E is still sweating the fact that he woke up cuddling with Tori rather than Sloan during their threesome. To try and ease his conscience, he tracks down Tori at her hotel to apologize, but in doing so manages to creep her out even more.

Ari's break from Terrance is nearly complete when he negotiates an $11 million severance package - on a handshake. He quickly goes scouting for colossal office space (for what will be the biggest agency in LA, he tells his wife), and is spotted by former co-worker (and Terrance stooge) Adam Davies.

Eric can't get Tori out of his mind, and he has to see her again at the charity auction Sloan is organizing. While Sloan is busy auctioning off Vince to the highest bidder (a septuagenarian), the prize movie star is busy in the coatroom with a cocktail waitress, and Tori is suggesting another three-way to Eric (no rules this time, she says, if he can convince Sloan). Queasy with nerves, Eric ends up fleeing the party. And as Sloan's father hobnobs, Adam Davies approaches Ari with an offer: he wants a partnership and a million-dollar contract at his Ari's new agency, or tell Terrance all about Ari's big plans. Realizing he's over a barrel, Ari agrees to take him on.

Tori ends up crashing on Sloan's couch for one more night, keeping Eric up until he gets the chance to talk to her one final time. She doesn't deny an attraction, but suggests that Eric not let a girl like Sloan slip away.