The Release
Entourage | Season 3 | Episode 8

The Release

TV-MA | 24 MIN

Directed by Patty Jenkins
Written by Brian Burns & Doug Ellin

In the wake of the record-breaking Aquaman, Queens Boulevard is picked up for wide release. Vince and E's joy at the news is quickly muted when they learn that the film has been re-cut and colorized ("Aquaman-ized," says director Billy Walsh). Worse, Vince has to go tout the film to the Hollywood Foreign Press in a matter of hours, and he's not sure he wants anything to do with what was once his passion project.

Drama lands an audition for Ed Burns, but he loses his laser-sharp focus on the role after a series of distractions fan the flames of his notorious temper. He misses the audition, and after briefly contemplating anger management classes, he takes a call from Burns. He missed the audition too, and he wants to offer the gig to Drama - no audition necessary.

The heads of the major talent agencies are on to Ari's big plans, and they ambush him 'five families' style at a restaurant. When Ari comes clean, Terrance announces that he plans to spend $50 million in legal fees to avoid paying him the $11 million sum they negotiated. All looks lost until Barbara Miller, the woman who led Ari into the ambush, offers to buy into his new agency. After a quick negotiation, the Miller Gold agency is announced - to a table full of eager young agents ready to sign on.

But Ari's agency troubles have kept him from attending to his star client, and when he shows up at Vince's Press event, he's in for a surprise. "The movie I loved you will never see," Vince announces to the gathered cameras. "These execs ripped out its soul."