Dog Day Afternoon
Entourage (LWM) | Season 3 | Episode 14

Dog Day Afternoon

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Directed by Mark Mylod
Written by Doug Ellin & Rob Weiss

Amanda is pushing Vince for an answer on the Sam Mendes project, but Vince seems more concerned about his upcoming couples trip to Wine Country with Eric and Sloan. Unfortunately, E and Sloan didn't know that Vince was planning on coming along on the excursion, so the pair concoct a plan to go away without Vince.

In anticipation of having the house to themselves, Drama and Turtle bring Ahnold to a dog park to try and pick up some girls of their own. The plan works well at first, as the pair find two women that have a Rott and soon all six are hooking up poolside. Unfortunately, Ahnold's "date" doesn't go that well, as he ends up sending the female Rott to the vet in a fight over a piece of meat. The dog ends up okay, and the party goes back to the girls' apartment. But Drama and Turtle end up leaving unsatisfied when Turtle loses it on his date after she suggests that Ahnold should be neutered.

Ari has the opportunity to sign Jay Lester, an A-list writer known as "The Syndication Machine." To help move the deal along, Ari subtly offers up Lloyd to Lester, a notoriously promiscuous queen. Lloyd is soon dispatched to a club to "personally" deliver the agency papers. Much to his own surprise, Ari has a rare moment of conscience, and drives into the heart of Boys Town to rescue Lloyd -- at the cost of inking the writer.

Eric's and Sloan's plan to get away alone appears doomed, as Vince seems to have an answer for every excuse that they provide. Eventually, E mans up and tells Vince the truth, so Vince packs up Turtle and Drama and takes off for Cabo for some Spring Break fun.