Entourage | Season 3 | Episode 3


TV-MA | 25 MIN

Directed by Julian Farino
Written by Rob Weiss

After a night on the town celebrating Vince's bona fide movie star status with the success of "Aquaman" and the unveiling of the new Aquaman theme park ride, the crew gets a surprise visit from Dom, a recently paroled childhood friend from Queens. Back in the day, Dom took a rap for Vince, so Vince is glad to help out his friend in any way he can. But Dom's brash ways quickly prove to be too much for Eric, Drama and Turtle. Unfortunately for them, Vince hires "the Dominator" as his new head of security, so it looks as if he will be around for a while. Meanwhile, Ari has his hands full trying to keep his daughter away from an egocentric tween star with bad intentions.