Interview with Juno Temple

  • This episode is a big turning point for Jamie -- Aunt Bellamy throws her out and she hooks up with Kip and Alex. How did you react when you read the script?

  • I definitely didn't see all of that coming! I really didn't expect Bellamy to kick her out. I thought she would be there for Jamie, would continue to be an ally against her mother. Not only is Jamie heartbroken after this happens, she has nowhere to go, and I think that makes her put even more walls up. She doesn't want to turn up at Kip's place, she doesn’t want to rely on him -- she wants to fend for herself.

    Also, they haven't yet committed to being boyfriend and girlfriend. They're more like lovers so moving in with him pushes her into a relationship she's not prepared to have. She really likes Kip, but Jamie knows he's her golden ticket at American Century. What happens if you fuck it up?

  • Do you think Kip wants the relationship more than she does?

  • He's more openly invested in it. Jamie really likes him, but she's also an ambitious young woman who wants to climb her way up. Because of the industry she's in, she needs to be a free agent at all times. Then Alex comes along and she's really turned on by him, which is another example of how not ready Jamie is to commit herself to a relationship. I think she hooks up with Alex and Kip thinking it's something that's going to bring the band together, but of course, it backfires. Alex is more about free love. He's more on the same page as Jamie.

  • Andrea Zito goes off on Jamie and Cece for having relationships with the talent. Does she have a point?

  • I think she's justified, but Andrea's also had a thing with Richie, and it still stings. Though harsh, it's her way of giving good advice about not getting involved with people at work because it's only going to backfire. On the one hand, why shouldn't Jamie and Cece do that? They're not breaking any rules. But Andrea has a point: A woman has a brain, not just a vagina.

  • Have you thought about Jamie's history with her mother?

  • Me and Lena Olin [Mrs. Fineman] talked a lot about their relationship as Mrs. Fineman's been through so much. She really does love her daughter, though it's a kind of love not many people would understand. Jamie has a lot of respect for her mother, but she doesn't want to be anything like her. She doesn't think her mother is going to change the world, and Jamie wants to change the world.

    I think Jamie got involved in the music business because when she was younger, music was something that helped her escape her relationship with her mother. That's why being a part of the music industry is something that's important to her. Jamie's mother doesn't understand that; she believes a lady should be seen and not heard.

  • Clark and Jamie have a nice moment in "The King and I." What changed their dynamic?

  • Jack Quaid [Clark Morelle] and I talked a lot about their relationship, and we felt they had a sibling-style relationship. It's competitive but they'll always have each other's back. I think what changed initially was that his ego was hurt when he got demoted and Jamie got a promotion of sorts. That made him act like a royal prick for a minute, but Jamie knows she's in a man's world, so of course his pride is hurt. She's going to put him in his place but she's never going to stop being his friend. 

    That's what I like about Jamie -- she's very aware of her surroundings, she's a true chameleon and she's good with people. Though, she misjudges Kip big time in this episode.

  • You can't win them all, right?

  • No, but my god, does she lose with the wrong one!

  • What are your hopes for Jamie's future?

  • I hope she keeps being a royal individual, and continues to stand up for her beliefs and fights for the things she thinks are going to change the future. I hope her journey continues, and that things don't happen for her instantly. In life, I think you should have to work for the things you really want.