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Bailey Noble: 'It Wouldn't Be True Blood if I Didn't Have to Do Something Crazy.'

  • As a relative newcomer, what's it like for you to have the show end?

  • For me, I feel like I haven't had enough time with the cast and crew. This is the longest time I've ever been part of a cast, and it hasn't totally hit me yet because we always had big breaks in between shooting, so I still feel like I'm going to get a call sheet and go back into work next week.

  • What's been your favorite part of playing Adilyn?

  • I really love her love of life. It's been really fun to get the material and say, "How can I come at this from a place of curiosity and innocence and naiveté?" It's been fun going to those places with her.

  • Speaking of naiveté, as an actor, how did you feel about forgiving Jessica?

  • Obviously what happened with my sisters was a huge deal, but my heart went out to Jessica when I heard about Tara's death. She's just standing in my front yard, all alone, and I know what it's like to lose somebody, so I think that we should be together. I see how much Jessica's loss is hurting her and I know how much my loss hurt me, so I don't want anybody else to feel that pain. Also, Adilyn doesn't have many friends, so Jessica is the only possibility. After all, she's still very young and forgiving.

  • Yeah, Adilyn's really only 6-8 months old in the scheme of things, right?

  • Yeah! I don't have the life skills to be holding grudges yet. [Laughs.]

  • Would you say that same lack of life skills is part of why she falls for her soon-to-be step-brother Wade?

  • It doesn't seem like the brightest choice for her, but you can't help who you like, right? And she hasn't met many other guys yet, either.

  • Bon Temps is a pretty small town. Might as well aim for easy access.

  • [Laughs.] Yes, exactly.

  • Why do Adilyn and Wade accept Violet's invitation to come home with her? Hasn't she already proven how dangerous she can be?

  • She has to most everyone else, but Adilyn hasn't really seen that side of her. She and Jason let me and Wade stay in their basement while they were out fighting, and she's also dating Jason, who's a family friend, so her invitation seems normal. I've got one thing on my brain, and that's being with Wade, so the rest doesn't really matter.

  • What do they make of Violet's "sex dungeon"?

  • That...that was really crazy. [Laughs.] I didn't know what half of the things in the room were, and I can guarantee you Adilyn didn't know any of it. That's why I really like that scene between her and Wade, where they decide that they're not into any of this stuff, they just really love each other. It's really sweet and innocent, despite being in the midst of all the crazy stuff happening around them.

  • What was your reaction when you read those scenes?

  • Well I said to Craig [Chester, the writer for "May Be the Last Time"], "Dude, I thought I was going get away this season without having to do anything crazy!" But it wouldn't be ‘True Blood' if I didn't have to do something crazy. But it was fun, because there's nothing to do but laugh in a situation like that.

  • What do you think is in store for Adilyn's future? Do you imagine her following a similar course as Sookie?

  • I think she'll have an easier time than Sookie, but I also think that as she gets older, she might still follow in some of Sookie's footsteps. Part of the magic of being a faerie is attracting those kinds of dark things, that's what makes it fun.

  • Could you see her getting romantically involved with a vampire?

  • Actually, I'm hoping that her and Wade stay together because it's really sweet what they have.

  • Sookie had trouble dating humans in the early seasons because she could hear their thoughts, but it seems like Adilyn has a better handle on that.

  • Yeah, I can control it sometimes, but other times it's totally necessary and I'm glad I have that power at my disposal!

  • Could you see any real life benefits to being a halfling?

  • Yes. Everything. Especially the mind reading. If I could control it, then I would definitely like to be able to pry into people's lives when I wanted to.


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