Sparks Fly Out
True Blood | Season 1 | Episode 5

Sparks Fly Out

TV-MA | 55 MIN

Directed by Daniel Minahan
Written by Alexander Woo

After watching Bill's frightening ordeal with the police officer, Sookie's shaken and irritated when the vampire drops her off at home. The vampires, the fangbangers, Bill's weird music - it's all gotten to be to much for her. "You cannot be frightened by all the things you don't know in the world," Bill tells her, but she's had far too long of a night to embrace adventure. Bill leaves, promising not to call on her again. The next morning, Sookie shares her dilemma with Gran, who suggests that Sookie enjoy the opportunity to meet someone who's different. Never mind that Gran's been answering hateful phone calls all morning from townspeople who don't want Bill to speak at her Descendents of the Glorious Dead meeting.

Tara, also dealing with vampire complications, bursts into Lafayette's house in a whirlwind, ripping knick-knacks from the shelves and throwing them around. She's furious that he's been selling V, particularly that he's been selling it to Jason. After hearing the news of her emergency-room visit with Jason, Lafayette apologizes and promises to check on their friend. When Jason stops by, though, Lafayette talks him into trying V again - this time the "right way."

When Sookie arrives at work, to much prodding over her date with Bill, she admits that she won't be seeing him again. Seizing the moment, Sam asks her out - to go hear Bill talk at the DGD meeting. With the entire bar watching, Sookie agrees, but she also finds out, by way of Andy Bellefleur's thoughts, that Tara lied to provide Jason with an alibi. When Tara arrives at work, she explains her reasoning (Jason's innocent - and dumb enough to make himself look guilty), but Tara also raises Sookie's suspicions when she takes a pointed interest in her date with Sam.

Later at the church, a crowd gathers for Bill's address, with Maxine Fortenberry hustling to remove a giant cross from the altar. Public opinion ranges from supportive to disgusted, but everyone shares the same curiosity. Mayor Norris asks Gran whether she thinks enough "precautions" have been taken, a comment she quickly rebuffs. A group of mid-20s rednecks - Chuck, Wayne and Royce - have settled into a pew, mocking all the old folks who have turned out. Sookie and Sam join Tara, making for an awkward moment, which is dispelled when Jason shows up, high on V and feeling "strong, alive."

Gran steps onto the dais and introduces Bill, who notices Maxine's attempt to cover the cross with an American flag. He begins by placing the colors properly on their pole, eliciting gasps as the audience sees him touch the cross. Beginning the story of his Civil War service, Bill explains that the politics and ideology meant little to the soldiers - they had no choice but to fight. At this point, Wayne and his hick buddies make show of holding up garlic cloves, trying to get a reaction from Bill, but the vampire continues, painting a picture of horrifying wounds and destitute conditions. When a man asks whether Bill knew Tolliver Humphries, the vampire explains they were friends, and tells the story of Tolliver's death - how he was lured out into sniper fire by a screaming boy, who survived despite his would-be-rescuer's death. The evening ends when Mayor Norris presents Bill with an archival photo - of the wife and children from his human life. In a rare show of emotion, Bill dabs his eyes with a handkerchief, careful to conceal that his tears leave blood stains on the cloth.

On the way out, Bill approaches Sookie, so Sam wraps his arm around his date, prompting Bill to remind the bar owner that he's "legally" still her employer. Regardless of the human-resources implications, the pair grab coffee, which goes well until the conversation turns to the topic of Bill. Half jealous and half concerned, Sam asks some pointed questions about how far Sookie has gone with the vampire, and insists that he's inherently dangerous.

Awkward love is in the air, apparently, because later at Merlotte's, a V-stoned Jason professes his love to Tara, who is smart enough to ignore his drugged-out babbling (though obviously holds out some hope). Across the bar, red-neck Royce and his buddies send a burger back to the kitchen - telling Lafayette the sandwich has AIDS. Enraged, Lafayette stalks out of the kitchen and up to Royce's table, telling him off before slamming the burger into his face. It's obvious by the good ole boys' reactions that they did not expect this from a man who wears eyeliner.

At Bill's house, Andy and Bud stop by to ask the vampire some questions about the murders, and are surprised - but still terrified - to find him hospitable. After grabbing the officers some soda, Bill explains that a vampire could not be responsible for the crimes because both bodies would have been drained of blood - there's no way a vamp could resist. After the men leave, Bill's thoughts drift to the night he became a vampire. Battered, lost and exhausted, he stumbled upon a woman's cabin, but after accepting her hospitality - and then excusing himself to get home to his family - the woman's fangs extended and she attacked him. Bringing him within an inch of his life, she offered him the "choice" to live on as a vampire, which he accepted, drinking from her open veins. Later, she allowed him one last chance to lay eyes on his family, and he's never seen them since.

Sookie arrives home - taking a cab from her failed date with Sam - but as she steps into the house, she immediately feels something wrong. Heading toward the kitchen, she slips in a trail of blood, only to see Grans body strewn across the kitchen floor. Deep gashes in her throat, blood everywhere.