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Sam Trammel Says Sam Is Firmly Team Bill

  • Sam has just discovered his family, and it's already looking like trouble. What's going through his mind as he's standing at that mailbox at the end of this episode?

  • It's a really bizarre thing that he finds out he has a brother. The relationship that Sam has in his head with his parents is that they gave him up. But his brother Tommy [played by Marshall Allman] didn't give him up - this is someone Sam could share a bond with. But for some reason, Tommy's lying about who he is. The Mickens are obviously sort of sketchy characters, and at this point, Sam is trying to figure out if he really wants to walk into that house.

  • With the werewolves shifting this season, you're finally not the only guy who has to get naked all the time - did you have any advice for your fellow shape-changers?

  • I was never the only guy! There are a lot of ripped naked men on our show, for sure. But I remember the first time Marshall had to get naked, we were outside in this area we shoot in a lot, that's usually freezing cold. It wasn't as cold as it normally is, and I just kept telling him, 'You're so lucky, man. You're getting it good.' He didn't really feel that way, though, because he was naked and lying down in the dirt.

  • In this episode, it's Bill and Sam who are heating things up in that dream sequence - what did you think the first time you read the scene?

  • Both of us were thinking that because Sam had so much of Bill's blood that they were going to have some kind of connection this year. But I really wasn't expecting something so quickly - it was pretty much the first thing I shot for the season. On set, we have stand-ins for us so the director of photography can see how everything looks. They're these two straight guys who are friends of ours, and we were watching them in the monitor, so we had the director yell out to them, 'Hey guys, can you take your shirts off? We're having trouble with the lighting.' Then we kept telling them to get closer and closer...and then told them we needed them to kiss. You should have seen their faces - it was pretty good.

  • What was going through Sam's mind in that moment?

  • I think Sam was definitely confused that Bill was even there. But, like in any kind of dream, he starts accepting it, and the fact that Bill wants to take a shower in his motel room starts to make perfect sense. Then he starts to get turned on by the whole thing, which was kind of surprising and embarrassing - but that's what the vampire blood does to you. So he just started rolling with it. But then he wakes up and is like, 'Oh God, what was that?'

  • So...does this experience put you on Team Bill or Team Eric?

  • Well, I think it's safe to say that Sam is firmly on Team Bill at this point. For sure.

  • This is just the very beginning - What does the rest of the season hold for Sam?

  • He has such a good season this year - you're going to see some sides of Sam you've never seen, and you're going to be like, 'What the f**k?' You're also going to see what Sam was up to before he moved to Bon Temps, and it's some of my favorite stuff in the whole season. It's going to be really fascinating for people to see the kind of person he was and the things he was into like seven years ago. All season, he's going to be dealing with the consequences of the decision he's making at the end of this first episode, which is, 'Do I or do I not walk into that house?'


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