Blue Comet
The Sopranos | Season 6 | Episode 20

Blue Comet

TV-MA | 51 MIN

Written by David Chase and Matthew Weiner
Directed by Alan Taylor

"I just want to make sure somebody knows there could be a line at Cozarelli's a mile long."

Early on a Sunday morning, Silvio surprises Burt Gervasi alone at home. "Some things you don't get into over the phone," he explains as he follows Burt inside. Once in the front door, Silvio pulls out a length of wire and strangles Burt, cutting his own hand in the process. As he reports to Tony later, Burt was "playin' both sides of the fence." And not only that, but guys were getting squeezed to sway them towards new management. "And he thought you'd be part of it?" asks Tony. "And he got an answer," replies Silvio, as Tony notes his bandaged hand.

Phil Leotardo gathers his crew and gives the order: "Plain and simple, it's over. We decapitate and we do business with whatever's left." He's had it with Anthony Soprano and his crew; in his view, he doesn't respect the business.

At the Mountainside Hospital psych ward, AJ spots Rhiannon, a friend of Hernan's. She's in for "food issues" and depression, on a break from her modeling jobs.

At Satriale's Tony spots Agent Harris and tries to get information about the Arabs but Harris shuts him out. Instead, he offers a warning - he's heard that "wheels have been set in motion" for movement against Tony and his crew.

Bobby joins Tony and Silvio for a talk about how to handle Phil. Tony declares it's over and they have to hit first - taking out Phil. Tony makes the call to Italy and it's decided that Paulie should run the job - contact the guy to contact the guys. Paulie in turn taps Patsy Parisi who taps Corky Caporale to give the Italians their instructions.

Meanwhile, Phil's crew is strategizing who to target in Tony's crew. Butch declares they need to hit the three top guys: Tony, Silvio and Bobby.

At a dinner party, Dr. Melfi sits a few seats away from Eliot Kupferberg. When the hostess brings up the study that indicates "the talking cure" actually helps sociopaths become better criminals, Melfi bristles. She accuses Eliot of putting her up to this and he counters that she should reevaluate her work with "leadbelly." When the guests want to know who that is, Eliot gives them a clue: "The answer is - a female opera singer and gangster." Melfi is furious at the betrayal, but later pours over the study with growing concern.

At Tony's next therapy session, Melfi listens with cool detachment as he complains about Meadow dropping out of med school and AJ's depression, offering rote replies. When Tony finally confronts her on her tone she loses her cool and suggests he needs another type of treatment and offers to give him a referral. Enraged and in disbelief, Tony refuses to believe she's ending things, but Melfi stands strong: "Since you are in a crisis, I don't want to waste your time."

Waiting outside a row of houses in Queens, the Italians spot a white haired man pulling up to their target, and checking their photo of Phil, they make their move. One of the Italians rings the bell with a delivery. The man opens the door and when the Italian opens fire Phil's housekeeper Yaryna comes running from upstairs, shouting. She is shot dead as well. The Italians take off and call Corky to report they've completed the job, noting that the "daughter" got mixed up in things and that she was calling out to her father in Ukrainian. Corky reports the news to Patsy, explaining that Phil's "love interest" must have gotten hit as well. At the Bing, Paulie reports to Silvio that the job is done, Murmur comes up with a NY Post story about the slaying of a Ukrainian father and daughter - "Who's this look like?" he says grinning at the similarity to Phil Leotardo. Silvio and Paulie instantly realize what's gone wrong.

At dinner at Nuovo Vesuvio, Tony and Carmela spin the family update to Charmaine and Artie, claiming they're relieved Meadow's quit pre med and is dating Patrick Parisi and that AJ is doing well.

Janice comes to Tony with news that Uncle Junior's money has run out. She and Bobby are willing to pitch in to keep him from getting transferred to a State facility, but Tony is furious that she would come to him with such a request. Silvio arrives to Tony to report the foul up of mistaken identity on Phil's hit. Turns out Phil disappeared 4-5 days ago so they never even had a shot at him. "Going to ground they call it," he explains. Tony orders their crew to do the same.

At the train shop, Bobby decides to buy the Blue Comet train to add to his collection. As he's waiting for it to be wrapped up, two shooters take him out. Meanwhile, Silvio and Patsy are packing up the back room of the Bing. They finally jump in Patsy's car but are cut off on the road by Petey B. and Ray-Ray who open fire. Silvio is hit before he can get out of the car. Patsy escapes despite Petey B shooting after him.

Tony barges in on Carmela and Rosie Aprile, interrupting their reminiscing over Paris. He pulls her away and blurts out the news: Bobby's dead and Silvio's in the hospital, they have to split up and lay low. He assures a shocked Carmela: "families don't get touched. You know that." He heads upstairs to get AJ to comply, ordering Rhiannon out of the house. As AJ starts to freak out, Tony yanks him out of bed and orders him to pack.

Carmela and Meadow stop to check in on Janice, who sits in shock with her family. Meanwhile, Paulie shows up to fetch Tony and reports that the doctors don't think Silvio will regain consciousness. They head to the safe house at night. Tony trudges upstairs to an empty bedroom and takes out the AR-10 Bobby gave him for his birthday. His finger on the trigger, he lies back on the bed.