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The Sopranos | Season 6 | Episode 1

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TV-MA | 52 MIN

Written by Terrence Winter
Directed by Tim Van Patten

"I don't care how close you are, in the end your friends are gonna let you down. Family. They're the only ones you can depend on."

When Phil Leotardo visits Johnny Sack in jail he assures him he's playing nice, but complains that Tony wants the same split on the Office Park deal as the Esplanade. Phil tells him to hold firm---"But don't turn it into World War III."

Eugene Pontecorvo has inherited $2 million from his aunt, and he and his wife Deanne see his inheritance as a way out. Gene goes to Tony with a gift and a request for a favor: permission to retire to Florida. Tony's not thrilled, but when he agrees to think about it, Gene gives Deanne the green light to make an offer on their Florida dream house.

Hanging out at the Pork Store, Vito boasts that the only problem with losing weight is that he may have to join Clothing Anonymous, "You shoulda called your sponsor before you bought that jacket," says Ray Curto.

Agent Harris shows up with his new partner, Goddard. "Where you been," Tony asks. "I got some new federale in my rearview the last six months." Harris, it turns out, was transferred to Terrorism and just got back from Pakistan where the only thing he caught was a parasite.

After dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Hesh and his son-in-law, Eli, are jumped. Hesh escapes, but running away, Eli is hit and dragged by a taxi. He survives, barely. Seems one of Phil's guys- Gerry Torciano - thinks Eli is freelancing in Brooklyn, when in fact he was just collecting for Hesh.

Hesh calls in Tony to straighten things out, but Phil seems in no hurry to accommodate. When Phil is slow to return a call, Tony complains to his crew that he needs to use Ginny's brother as a back channel to Johnny Sack. T blows up: "What the f$#% is it? I can't catch a f*%$#*' break?"

He catches one-though he doesn't even know it-- when Ray Curto keels over just as he's about to tell Agent Robyn Sanseverino what he's got on Tony. The Feds have lost another informant. Meanwhile Tony visits Ginny's brother, optometrist Anthony Infante, to ask him to pass along a message to his brother-in-law Johnny Sack. When Anthony next accompanies his sister Ginny on visiting day, he passes it along: "The guy from Jersey asked me to talk to you." Johnny tells Anthony to have Phil deal with it.

Junior's mind is playing tricks again-he's convinced that Pussy Malanga is stalking him, and that he stole 40 Gs from a job back in the '70s. Tony can't take it. But when he complains to Melfi and she suggests assisted living, Tony cites family loyalty. Melfi hammers at Tony about his mother and his denial about her, and he turns on her: "What was your mother like?" But Melfi's not fazed: "She was controlling and manipulative at times. She also never tried to kill me."

After much delay, Phil shows up for a meeting at the Bada Bing offering 50k for Eli's troubles. That settled, they move on to the Office Park. When Tony agrees to a 65/35 split, Christopher balks. "I'm not caving, it's a strategy," Tony explains. "Johnny's in jail. You keep him happy, he'll keep a lid on Phil."

Christopher orders Gene to take care of a bad debtor, promising to put in a good word to Tony "on that Florida thing" in exchange. But after Gene shoots Teddy Spirodakis in a fast food chicken joint, Silvio breaks the news that Florida's out. Deanne is devastated- "Tony, Tony! Why don't you kill him?....You think I don't know you've done it before?" she screams. It only gets worse when the Feds call in Gene, who we learn has been a cooperator, and tell him he's got to replace Curto as their man on the inside. Feeling as if he has no choice, Gene hangs himself.

Called off a cruise on the Stugots II to babysit Junior, T bust in on Janice and Bacala, but she's too busy with her new baby to help out. "F$#@ it! You want something done, do it yourself."

Tony makes dinner while Junior goes to look for his teeth. But the aging wiseguy finds a gun instead, and in a fit of paranoia, shoots Tony in the stomach. Junior hides in the closet while Tony struggles to make it to a phone to call 911.