Moe n' Joe
The Sopranos | Season 6 | Episode 10

Moe n' Joe

TV-MA | 54 MIN

Written by Matthew Weiner
Directed by Steve Schill

Unfortunately, I have only myself to blame.

Johnny Sack's getting ready to go to trial and the feds have tallied his net worth for asset forfeiture, finding every last hidden mutual fund to up the pressure. His lawyer asks if he wants to make a deal but Johnny refuses to flip.

Janice appeals to Tony to make Bobby a captain. "He works so hard for you and what does he get? Merciless ridicule about his weight, his model railroading." Tony denies that he punishes Bobby to get at Janice but confesses to Melfi that it's actually true.

Meanwhile, Jim calls Vito on his sports writer bluff. Vito confesses he left his wife and kids and a "contracting business" in Jersey. "You can't tell anybody. Ever." Vito pleads. Jim relents and they move their relationship to the next level-Vito moves, in and Jim gets him a handyman job.

Carmela, Rosalie, Janice, Angie and Gabriella surprise Ginny at her house for her birthday. Janice openly covets Ginny's house ("reminds me of those Palladian villas"), while Ginny bemoans her plight.

Carmela loses her patience with Tony and his promises to take care of the building inspector for her spec house. Tony puts Silvio on it.

Ginny Sack's brother Anthony Infante pays a visit to Tony to relay a message from Johnny about potential business in New Orleans-a heavy equipment leasing company that Johnny's a "silent partner" in. He wants Tony to contact the Cajun brothers and force a sale to free up some cash for Johnny. And he wants to keep Phil Leotardo out of it.

Carm's interviewing new contractors for her spec, but Tony suggests she not write her father off so quickly. "Why do you suddenly care so much about my dad?" she asks. He complains to Melfi that Carmela's a million miles away-even in bed. He's not happy with Janice either. He dredges up a traumatic memory of when he was a kid and Janice tape recorded a fight between Tony and Barbara. "Held that cassette over my head for a month! Fuckin' me to make her bed, get her shit." Tape recording is a major betrayal in the Soprano family.

Vito tags along with Jim to a volunteer fire department call and plays hero, cutting off the main power to save the Pastor from being electrocuted by a flood in the church basement. But Jim is pissed, "Trying to be a big man?" Vito tries to get the gang to play some poker over beer afterwards, but everyone turns in early.

Bacala makes a pick up at the Bookie's and is held up by kids outside. Bobby gets shot in the eye. He still manages to have Carlo deliver his week's take to Tony. But Tony has no sympathy for Bobby. "...his own fuckin' fault."

Tony meets with the Cajuns to talk about the New Orleans deal. But one of them doesn't want to miss out on the potential post-Katrina profits. He won't sell. The deal seems like too much trouble to Tony.

Melfi pushes Tony to delve deeper into his past with Janice. "What happened, between then and now?" Tony works himself up about how she took off, leaving him with their mother, and now she's back, wanting her piece. "She gets nothing. Cuz I got the scars. So it's mine!"

Vito tries to make a go of being a handyman but he's not cut out for the tedium of an honest day's work. He makes a nice Italian dinner for Jim and tells him he loves him. But it turns out to be a farewell dinner. The next morning, Vito's hit the road. Lost on a country road, he rams an old Jeep. When the owner insists on calling the cops, Vito shoots him and takes off.

Meadow confides to Tony that things aren't great with Finn. Uncomfortable, Tony tells her she should be talking to her mother. Wanting to keep Carmela more focused on her family and less on her business, he nixes Silvio's talk to the building inspector and tells Carm the inspector wouldn't budge. He urges her to sell the spec house. "You give up? I don't think I've ever heard that before," she rages.

Tony has a change of heart about Janice and presents Johnny Sack (via Anthony) with another deal - Ginny sells her house for half price to Janice once things cool off, and he'll make the New Orleans deal happen.

Vito drives by the Pork store tentatively.

Then the news hits: "Johnny Sack pleaded guilty. It was just on the radio," reports Carmela. "He got 15 years." As the news spreads, so does the shock and rage. Phil Leotardo says all bets are off: "...the favored nations shit with Jersey is over." "I hope he dies in there," say Tony. Christopher's Maserati is confiscated as a John Sacramoni asset.

Janice gives Tony a tearful thank you for the house. But Tony is uncomfortable as Janice is overcome with emotion.