I Went to Market

Written by Georgia Pritchett

Director by Adam Arkin

Logan shares his plan to invest heavily in local TV stations, a significant reversal of Kendall’s corporate strategy. Kendall plots a vote of no confidence in Logan at the next board meeting.

At Marcia’s request, Greg drives his grandfather, Ewan—Logan’s brother—from rural Canada to New York to reunite with the family on Thanksgiving. Ewan and Logan’s contentious relationship spills over into a tense argument during the dinner party. After Ewan walks out, Kendall follows him and asks him to consider siding against Logan in the planned no confidence vote.

During the dinner party, Greg runs to the office to shred documents related to the cruise ship scandal. Greg shreds most of them but keeps one file for himself. When he arrives back at Logan’s apartment, Ewan warns him about the family’s duplicitous behavior.

After Ewan’s departure, Marcia tries to reduce the tension by playing a game with the family. While playing, Logan’s memory and sentience lapses. In the midst of his confusion, he strikes his grandson–Kendall’s son–in the face. The outburst confirms Kendall’s decision to move forward with the vote.

Shiv gives Tom a prenuptial agreement. Tom is eager to sign the prenup at first, but after reviewing it, asks Shiv why she didn’t place a clause for infidelities. She assures him that she hasn’t cheated on him, but doesn’t inspire much confidence.