Written by Jonathan Glatzer

Directed by Mark Mylod

As acting CEO of Waystar, Kendall navigates financial concerns exacerbated by his father’s decisions and absence. If the company’s stock price drops too low, they would be forced to pay back billions of dollars worth of debt and reveal Logan’s secret financing arrangements. Kendall reaches out to Stewy, a friend and leading partner at a private equity firm, to help him ward off Waystar’s debtors. Stewy agrees to help Kendall by buying a significant stake in the company.

Kendall attempts to reconnect with his estranged wife, Rava. After an ambiguous dinner date that ends in sex, Kendall sees an opportunity to repair their marriage. Instead, Rava treats their encounter as closure and informs him of her plans for an amicable divorce.

Meanwhile, Logan is out of his coma but too sick to leave his bedroom. Marcia is fiercely protective of him and doesn’t permit any of the children, including Shiv, to visit. Shiv requests a secret background check on Marcia, which Marcia learns of and confronts her about. Shiv forces her way up to her father’s room even though Marcia insists he isn’t ready to see her. Logan, still unwell and delirious, touches Shiv inappropriately.

When Logan is finally up to receiving guests, Marcia allows Kendall to see his father. Logan lets him know that he’s extremely displeased with Kendall’s recent choices.