Succession season 2 Character Catch-UpSuccession season 2 Character Catch-Up


A Character-By-Character Recap of 'Succession' Season 1

A lot happened on Season 1 of Succession, but the Roy family power struggle is just heating up. Catch up with each of the key players ahead of Season 2.



In spite of his declining health and the eagerness of his children to take over his media empire, Logan Roy is far from done manipulating his family, employees and rivals in order to expand his domain.


After being groomed to replace his father as CEO—only to have it ripped away on his unexpected return—Kendall resorts to a hostile takeover attempt, until a tragic accident pulls him back into his father’s control.


After Kendall calls for a vote of no-confidence in their father, Roman plays along until siding with Logan at a critical moment. But, after having his first major project blow up in his face, his fate at the company is once again uncertain.


Logan’s only daughter may have made a career for herself in politics, but the pull of the family business proves too strong for her to stay out of the running for successor. One affair and a marriage to Tom later, she’s keeping her options open in more ways than one.


The only Roy child not vying for an active role in Waystar Royco, Connor has decided to run for President of the United States after over 50 years of doing absolutely nothing.


When Greg loses his job at the family-owned amusement park, he looks to his great uncle Logan to escape his humble beginnings. Little does he know what fresh hell the rest of the family has in store for him.


Tom may have married into the Roy family, but he’s still vying for a higher position at Waystar Royco. Between discovering a dark secret in the cruises department and dealing with his new wife’s concept of marriage, he has a lot on his plate.


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