Terror Starts At Home
Six Feet Under | Season 4 | Episode 6

Terror Starts At Home

TV-MA | 54 MIN

Directed by Miguel Arteta
Written by Kate Robin

Though Keith expresses concern for David's still-fragile emotional state, David returns to work for the first time since his car-jacking. However, at a family dinner to honor his birthday, David struggles to remain composed as Ruth questions him about his recent ordeal. Then, during a funeral service, David suffers a sudden panic attack. When Claire chances upon him just after it happens, he confides in her and for the first time opens up about the more horrible details of his attack. Though still unstable, David urges Keith to go back to work so he won't miss his chance to go on tour with Celeste.

Federico accidentally leaves a message for Sophia on his home answering machine, but manages to successfully cover up the mistake to Vanessa. However, during David's birthday party Vanessa becomes suspicious when Ruth mentions meeting an "outgoing" female friend of Vanessa's who had stopped by the funeral home recently to see Federico. When they get home, Vanessa confronts Rico and doesn't seem quite convinced by his complicated explanation of Sophia as a "charity" case.

Anita moves in with Claire and the pair, along with Edie, begin planning an elaborate art installation. The following day, Jimmy and Russell join in the planning and the group takes drugs, resulting in Claire showing up high to David's birthday dinner. Later that night, still under the influence, Claire takes sexy pictures of Edie rolling around in the grass.

At George's faculty cocktail party, Ruth overhears a woman telling her friends about a bad cell phone break-up-in which a boyfriend of six months called to break up, lost cell reception and never called again. To Ruth's horror, the woman's boyfriend turns out to be George. When she confronts George about it later, he is infuriatingly vague and brushes off her questions, leaving Ruth sad and confused.

Brenda is surprised when Joe tells her he found a house for them, which has enough room for a baby if the need should arise. At Joe's suggestion, the two throw caution to the wind and engage in unprotected sex for the first time. However, while shopping for the new house, Brenda suddenly becomes overwhelmed by it all and seeks out Nate for comfort.

Nate finally makes an effort to get a new job and interviews for a low-stress position at a dog kennel. At the kennel, he embraces his new carefree life and flirts with a young-coworker. He is forced to give it all up, however, after Claire reveals how bad things are for David since the car-jacking. She asks him to return to work at the funeral home for their brother's sake and Nate reluctantly agrees.