Falling Into Place
Six Feet Under | Season 4 | Episode 1

Falling Into Place

TV-MA | 57 MIN

Directed by Michael Cuesta
Written by Craig Wright

Still battered from his bar fight, Nate turns to Brenda for comfort following the terrible news that Lisa's body has been found and identified. In the middle of the night, a bereft Nate reaches for Brenda and the pair share a brief, misguided sexual encounter, which leads to awkwardness the following morning.

David and Keith are also in a kind of awkward relationship limbo. David is still not sure if he wants to be with Keith, but invites him to spend the night anyway. It's the first time Keith has ever stayed over at the funeral home and David is freaked out by having sex in his childhood room. The inescapably loud, passionate cries of Ruth in the throes of connubial bliss only add to the weirdness.

Nate tells everyone that Lisa's body has been found and the he has to go to the coroner's office to pick her up. David volunteers to go with him. As Nate and David make the long drive to get the body, Nate has a flashback to when Lisa told him how she'd like to be buried in nature, without a casket or any chemicals pumped into her. Once they arrive at the morgue, Nate can't face going in so the uncomfortable task falls to David. On the drive home Nate and David have to roll down the windows to alleviate the smell from Lisa's badly decomposing body.

Lisa's parents and her sister Barb (and family), arrive for the funeral. Lisa's mom and Nate quickly bump heads when she insists on cremating Lisa and burying her in the family mausoleum. Nate is intent on giving Lisa the funeral she would have wanted. David is called in to mediate, but there seems to be no fair solution.

In the meantime, following his indiscretion with the stripper, a guilt-ridden Federico tells Vanessa that Angelica can stay at the house as long as she wants. He's surprised when, later that night, Vanessa kicks out Angelica anyway. Still feeling guilty, Rico goes to church and confesses his sins, but then can't stop himself from driving past the strip club to catch a glimpse of Sophia.

Brenda makes one more attempt to connect with Nate, offering to come to thefuneral, but Nate admits he'd rather not have her there. Later, Brenda comes upon Joe feeding the stray cats in their shared courtyard and in a rush of warmth, kisses him.

Claire struggles with her mixed emotions about Lisa's death and calls Russell for support. She reveals she had an abortion and is annoyed when the ever-emotional Russell breaks down. David finally realizes that he wants to be with Keith, but that things will have to change. Keith agrees and tells David he plans to quit the security guard business. David moves back in to Keith's place.

Following the funeral, Nate puts Lisa's body in the hearse, assumedly to take to the crematorium. Instead, Nate pours the cremains of an unclaimed body into a newly labeled box with Lisa's name on it. A quiet exchange between Nate and David reveals that David is complicit in deceiving Lisa's family-which in a backward way has allowed Nate and the Kimmels to each have the funeral they wanted. After the Kimmels leave, Nate drives to the desertand buries Lisa.