In Case of Rapture
Six Feet Under | Season 4 | Episode 2

In Case of Rapture

TV-MA | 49 MIN

Directed by Dan Attias
Written by Rick Cleveland

Several months have passed and though Nate's visible wounds have healed, his emotional ones are still raw. He slowly adjusts to life as a single parent as the rest of the family (and Arthur), adjusts to life with George and George's things, most tangibly in the form of his ornate Persian table that has displaced the old Formica kitchen table.

Claire is back in school, suffering through a gothic art lecture when she meets a new friend, Anita. They make plans to see Anita's beautiful, uninhibited friend Edie do a performance art "thing" at a nearby cafe. Claire is impressed by Edie's willingness to fail artistically and wishes she could get out of her own head and start creating again. Edie gives her the kick in the butt she needs, "What's the worst that can happen, some asshole will make fun of you?"

Keith interviews with a bodyguard firm. The interview goes well, even after Keith comes clean about wrongfully beating a domestic abuser when he was on the force, and then clumsily knocks over a cup of coffee on his way out. David and Keith are excited by the financial benefits that Keith's new job as "security specialist" to the stars offers them. They talk of buying a house and maybe having kids one day. However, Keith's first job transporting Cameron Diaz's "bling" is a little rocky. Keith finds it hard to keep up with the hip lingo and cool style of the more seasoned bodyguards and makes a conscious choice to keep his homosexuality under wraps.

Federico also makes a conscious decision to hide his on-going involvement with Sophia from Vanessa, though the exact nature of their relationship is a little unclear; Rico has been buying groceries and presents for Sophia and her young daughter but is quick to deflect any notion of sexual repayment. Still, he is distracted at home and Vanessa is beginning to notice. And when Sophia calls him at work and asks him to bring over dinner, Rico can't resist.

Brenda's life is getting back on track. She reveals she's studying to get her MSW to become a licensed therapist and things with Joe are going well. In fact, Joe is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but Brenda wants to wait at least 90 days before they have sex as part of a healthy recovery choice for her sexual addiction. Eventually, she gives in to his charms and they share a first amusingly awkward night together.

Meanwhile, Nate becomes irrationally angry toward the Christian mourner whose firm belief in God allows him to be at peace with the unknowable circumstances surrounding his wife's death. David confronts Nate about his unprofessional outburst. Then, to David's dismay and surprise, Nate quits the business. As if to punctuate that fact, the sewage system in the home suddenly goes awry, causing bloody pools to erupt from every drain. Luckily, the plumber manages to fix the problem and even gives a stressed-out David a parting gift blow-job, free of charge. When David casually mentions his encounter to Keith later, Keith is okay with it.

George is sensitive to the vaguely masked sarcasm and subtle eye rolls exhibited by the Fisher children whenever he's in their presence and tells Ruth he's afraid her family dislikes him. Ruth encourages him to be patient, that they will grow to love him. Just then, Nate enters with a recently delivered package for George containing a Tupperware container full of feces. And though the sender is unknown, Nate and Claire appear greatly amused by it.