Startup With Silicon Valley

Get up to speed on the highs, lows and many pivots.


The guys find themselves in the same ballpark as the top players in the Valley, but quickly strike out. See how many familiar faces you spot in this cameo-filled episode.


Dinesh and Gilfoyle prove Jared’s theory: You really can SWOT anything — even the well-being of a douchebag stuntman.


When the guys find unanticipated success with their viral livestream, everything goes up in flames — literally.

Season 2 Premiere. Pied Piper becomes the hit of Silicon Valley, leaving Richard to make a major decision.
Pied Piper faces financial and legal troubles; Dinesh tries to squash his cousin's Kickstarter campaign.
Richard is courted by a new backer; Monica deals with a high-strung Laurie; Gavin finds a new strategy in dealing with Pied Piper.
Richard and Erlich clash over a prospective hire; a new female employee makes Dinesh and Gilfoyle suspicious; Big Head gets promoted.
An over-stressed Richard struggles to find Pied Piper office space, drawing the ire of a nosy neighbor; Big Head's management style is questioned.
Pied Piper tries to one-up Hooli by livestreaming a big stunt; Gilfoyle and Dinesh brainstorm; Jared pushes Carla and Monica together.
Richard finds himself with few options and pursues an unconventional client; Gavin looks for success in failure; Dinesh woos a woman online.
Richard grows paranoid when Pied Piper competes for a client; Erlich and Jian-Yang work on a pitch.
Pied Piper and Hooli battle it out in binding arbitration; Jared, Dinesh and Gilfoyle debate philosophy and their livestream.
Season Two Finale. An unexpected drama draws a spike in traffic to Pied Piper, as Richard scrambles to save the company.