Silicon Valley | Season | Episode 6


TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Carrie Kemper
Directed by Mike Judge

Hooli and Pied Piper employees gather, separately, to watch the Hooli UFC livestream. When Monica arrives at the Hacker Hostel, Jared introduces her to Carla, in a very awkward and unsolicited effort to make the women friends. "I knew you two would hit it off," Jared says. As the stream begins, the Pied Piper team notices glitches in the stream. Gavin does, as well, but the executives and programmers around him act like nothing is amiss. Eventually the stream freezes. "F**!" Gavin screams as he storms out of the screening.

Monica sees an opportunity in Hooli's failure, suggesting Pied Piper do its own livestream. Richard is apprehensive. Jared suggests streaming the hatching of a condor egg, but Erlich says he'll reach out to his friend, Aaron "Double-A" Anderson, who owns Homicide Energy Drink, to see about streaming one of their extreme events. Richard still isn't sure about it, so Jared suggests using SWOT -- a decision-making matrix that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats -- to figure out if they should partner with Homicide.

Double-A explains how the extreme jumping event will work, detailing the 27 cameras that will feed into Richard's livestream. Erlich keeps interrupting to say how "awesome" everything is. About Erlich, Double-A tells Richard, "To be honest, I could never stand the guy. Just hearing his voice again is giving me PTSD."

Dinesh and Gilfoyle meet Blaine, the guy who's doing the Homicide stunt. He's wholly uninterested in meeting the pair, who realize that the stuntman calculated the velocity for his stunt incorrectly and will die if he doesn't change it. Blaine is rude when Gilfoyle tries to point out the blunder. "What do we do here?" Dinesh asks. Gilfoy responds: "This is a tough one." Double-A tells Richard to lose Erlich. "I love your tech," he says, "but come back tomorrow without Kool-Aid or don't come back at all. Honestly."

Denpok counsels Gavin about the Nucleus situation., asking, "Have I just surrounded myself with sycophants who are just telling me whatever I want to hear regardless of the truth?" Denpok swallows deeply and assures him, "No." Gavin likes this response: "Thank you, Denpok. I really needed to hear that." Later, Gavin watches a focus group talking about the Nucleus operating system on a Hooli phone. "It's just stupid," one guy says. "Well, it's slow and the apps keep quitting on me."

Dinesh and Gilfoyle continue to debate the Blaine conundrum. "This might be morbid, but the cold, hard fact is that if Blaine died on our livestream, this could be good for us," Gilfoyle says. "We'd get a lot more traffic." Dinesh questions the moral issues around not saying anything, deciding to apply SWOT to the situation. Richard explains to Erlich that Double-A doesn't want him around. Erlich says he'll step aside but warns Richard that Double-A isn't to be trusted -- people used to call him "Double-Asshole," Erlich says.

While Dinesh and Gilfoyle SWOT the Blaine decision, the stuntman walks into the room and apologies for being rude the day before and mentions spotting an error in his math that would have probably killed him. "Are we cool?" he asks the guys. Just before leaving, Blaine sees the SWOT board and is enraged. "Would you believe," Dinesh says of the board, "that was here when we came in?"

Richard confronts Double-A about not using the Pied Piper logo on the video frame but he refuses to change it. Richard loses it. "You know what Double-A?" he says. "Erlich was right. You are an asshole. In fact, you're a Double-Asshole." Double-A pulls up his shirt to reveal a colostomy bag. "Do you have any idea what it's like to be 10 years old and carry your own shit around in a bag?" he says. "To have two assholes?" Dinesh and Gilfoyle scurry past and grab Richard on the way out.

At the Hacker Hostel, Erlich finds the the situation hilarious. "You tore Double-Asshole a third asshole!" he says, laughing uncontrollably. Jared convinces the guys to use their livestream to instead show the hatching of the condor egg. Russ Hanneman calls to congratulate Richard on the livestream -- and new name for the company, Endframe, which is the company credited for the Homicide event. "Wait, Endframe isn't you guys?" Russ asks. Dinesh figures out what's going on: "Endframe is those guys who brain-raped us," he realizes. Richard is again enraged: "Those pricks! They stole my algorithm." Richard explains to Russ how Endframe got their technology, prompting Russ to hang up the phone.