Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Episode 259Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Episode 259

David Scott investigates the tragic death of a teen football player shot and killed by a police officer. Plus, Soledad O'Brien examines the chess renaissance in St. Louis, and Bryant Gumbel catches up with former NFL star and magician Jon Dorenbos.

Texas Shooting

Everything changed for the Edwards family on April 29, 2017 when Jordan Edwards was fatally shot by a police officer attempting to stop the teenager’s vehicle.

The Chess Master

Rex Sinquefield Invests Millions in Chess

Rex Sinquefield shares his love for chess and his desire to make his favorite game America’s favorite as well.

Chess Renaissance

One chess-loving philanthropist has made it his personal mission to restore America to its former glory and bring a chess championship back to the United States.

Magic Gave Him Life

After Jon Dorenbos learned he would no longer be able to play for the Philadelphia Eagles due to heart complications, he turned to magic during recovery to get back on his feet.