July 26 at 10 PM ET/PT

The Lords of the Rings

Jon Frankel travels to Rio before the start of the Olympic Games and reports on the failed promises of officials to clean up the city's sewage problem.


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The Lords of the Rings-Rio Hospital Undercover

Real Sports goes undercover with Dr. Jorge Darze to expose the alarming state of public hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Watch on YouTube.

The Lords of the Rings-Russian Police

Following an interview with Sochi-based journalist, Alexander Volov, Bernard Goldberg and the Real Sports crew are detained by Russian federal agents. Watch on YouTube.

The Lords of the Rings-Russian Olympic Venues

Sochi-based journalist, Alexander Volov, told us how millions are being spent to maintain largely empty Olympic venues.

Ep. 230

Full Segment: David Feherty

Golf commentator David Feherty has used his wit and irreverence to arguably become a bigger star than most players on the PGA tour - a remarkable achievement for a public figure who has spent most of his private life fighting alcohol, drugs and clinical depression.

George F. Peabody Award

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel was awarded its second prestigious George F. Peabody Award.

Ep. 229

Full Segment: Trumped

In 2006, Donald Trump embarked on a mission to build one of the greatest luxury golf resorts in the world near Aberdeen on the historic northeast coast of Scotland. The project sparked heated opposition from locals who felt the venture would spoil their pristine coastline.

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