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May 2017


David Scott reports on Britain's massive youth soccer sexual abuse epidemic along with the cover-up that followed, and the 2016 World Champion of Pinball's autism gives him an incredible edge. Plus, Bryant Gumbel profiles the long-time Spanish-language voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Jaime Jarrin.

Soccer's Darkest Secret

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
A Massive Scandal

Victims of the greatest sexual abuse scandal in British soccer history come forward.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Bonus Clip1:39
Gary Johnson

A former Chelsea soccer player describes his difficulties sharing the abuse he experienced as a child to his family.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Bonus Clip1:05
Andy Woodward

The former Crewe Alexandra player revisits the abuse he suffered under his longtime youth coach.

Pinball Wizard

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
The Unlikely World Champ of Pinball

Robert Gagno's autism impedes nearly every aspect of his life, except one.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
The Strengths of Autism

Pinball champ Robert Gagno tells Soledad O'Brien about the suprising benefits of his condition.

A Beisbol Life

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
The Other Legendary Dodgers Announcer

Bryant Gumbel speaks with legendary Spanish broadcaster Jaime Jarrin and one of his biggest admirers: Vin Scully.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Coming to America

Jaime Jarrin discusses his journey to Los Angeles.