Bryant Gumbel speaks with Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay to learn about his "maniacal" approach. Also, Jon Frankel travels to the Philippines to meet a community of fisherman with an incredible secret, Andrea Kremer meets what many believe is the only active NFL player to earn a medical degree, and an update on minor league pay.

Deep Dive

A Sama Bajau diver demonstrates his ability to travel the ocean floor in search of fish.

McVay’s Mind

Due to his intense preparation, Sean McVay can remember and recall plays from his last season with precision.

His Teammates Call Him “Larry”

Dr. Laurent-Duvernay Tardif juggles two demanding careers: practicing medicine, and suiting up for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Playing Below the Poverty Line

While Major League Baseball revenues skyrocket, minor leaguer pay remains comparatively stagnant.