Mary Carillo examines Margaret Court's post-tennis career as a minister and controversial views on gay rights. Also, John Frankel speaks with U.S. Olympic athletes that believe the USOC isn't paying them what they're worth, and Bernard Goldberg profiles the St. Brown family on their quest to dominate the NFL.

Going Broke for Gold

The Real Cost of the Games

Heading into the Winter Games, Jon Frankel examines why so many U.S. Olympic hopefuls are going broke going for gold.

The St. Brown Family

Strong Bodies, Strong Minds

Since day one, former Mr. Olympia John Brown has sculpted his three sons into football powerhouses.

NFL Dreams Powered by Cane Protein

John Brown believes his protein supplement will be successful enough to finance the St. Brown family's ultimate goal of owning an NFL team.

The Believer

Margaret's Court

Tennis great Margaret Court's opposition to gay rights has provoked some to call for the removal of her name from an Australian Open arena.

Trophy Case

Margaret Court walks Mary Carillo through the numerous awards she won during her playing career.

Money Talks

Billie Jean King wants athletes and fans to boycott Margaret Court Arena until the stadium is renamed.