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February 2017

Bernard Goldberg speaks with former child slaves freed from being trafficked as camel jockeys across the United Arab Emirates. David Scott investigates the NHL's concussion protocol, including its denial of a link between head trauma and CTE. Legendary basketball broadcaster Doris Burke opens up to Andrea Kremer about the challenges she faced throughout her trailblazing career.

Slaves No More

Enslaved for Sport

A shocking story on child slaves stolen from their homes to labor as camel race jockeys helped bring the practice to an end.

Child Camel Jockeys

Real Sports revisits its 2004 undercover exposé on the enslavement of trafficked children as jockeys in the Middle Eastern sport of camel racing.

She's Got Game

Doris Burke Gets the Call

The basketball broadcaster discusses the phone call that opened the door for her new job analyzing NBA games full-time.

On Thin Ice

Protecting the Players

Commissioner Gary Bettman has received growing scrutiny over the NHL's response to player concussions.

The NHL's Concussion Problem

While the league denies a relationship between head trauma and CTE, former players are speaking out about it.