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The Oakland Raiders defensive lineman sits down with Bernie Goldberg to discuss his turbulent past and uncertain future.

For God and Country

New Zealand’s first All Blacks Muslim player shows David Scott how rugby is helping a diverse and divided country heal after a white supremacist killed 100 Muslim worshippers in March.

On the Basis of Sex

Jon Frankel dissects why baseball is the one sport, other than football, that we essentially dissuade girls and women from playing.

Heat Stroke in High School Football

Soledad O’Brien explores how heat stroke, a 100 percent curable condition, has claimed more lives at the high school level than the college level.  

Justin Tucker

NFL kicker Justin Tucker talks to Bernard Goldberg about how his opera training prepares him for his big kicks on the field.

Ryan Lochte

Jon Frankel speaks to disgraced Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte, who claims he has matured since his long series of missteps.

Ken Green Update

Ken Green sits down with Bryant Gumbel to discuss how his life has vastly improved since his most recent surgery on his amputated leg and revealing he’s a victim of childhood abuse.



real sports with bryant gumbel

Video Game Addiction

David Scott examines the rise of video game addiction and what responsibility falls on the game industry for this growing public health crisis.

John Sterling

Bryant Gumbel sits down with John Sterling, who at 81 year old, hadn’t taken a day off from work in over 30 years.

Ice Cube’s BIG3

Andrea Kremer speaks to Ice Cube about his forays into the sports world, from attempting to acquire a few regional sports teams to creating a new three-on-three basketball league called BIG3.

Bruce Arians Update

Andrea Kremer talks to formerly retired Bruce Arians about coaching the Tampa Bay Bucs with a groundbreaking coaching staff.

real sports with bryant gumbel

Barstool Sports

Soledad O'Brien explores the fast-growing and controversial sports media brand Barstool Sports, which has encountered criticism on its way to becoming a way of life for young (mostly male) sports fans.

Don Nelson

Bryant Gumbel sits down with basketball Hall-of-Famer Don Nelson and finds that the three-time NBA Coach of the Year has traded the basketball court for a marijuana farm.

Colin Cook

Mary Carillo tells the remarkable story of Colin Cook: a surfer who survived a shark attack and returned to the sport with a one-of-a-kind prosthetic.

real sports with bryant gumbel

Raced to Death
Bernard Goldberg examines why thousands of horses die while racing in the United States every year.

The Norwegian Way
Jon Frankel examines why Norway is producing incredible sporting results, and how it starts with their youth competition.

Love & Basketball

Andrea Kremer talks to WNBA superstar Elena Delle Donne about her relationship with her developmentally disabled sister, Lizzie, and why she turns down lucrative overseas contracts in the offseason to stay at home.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Series HBO episode 266

Motown Blues

David Scott examines whether government officials in Michigan gave a sweetheart arena deal to the wealthy Ilitch family despite a multi-billion dollar bankruptcy.

Risky Business

Jon Frankel sits down with some of the most daring cameramen in extreme sports, who, using the same exceptional athleticism and bravery as the athletes they cover, take terrifying risks to capture the world’s deadliest sports.

Slurping For Glory

Bryant Gumbel travels to London to profile a competition between prestigious universities, and centuries-long rivals, Cambridge and Oxford: blind wine- tasting.

America’s Gun

David Scott revisits his story on the AR-15, a weapon designed for war but now marketed as a sporting rifle.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Series HBO episode 265

Fast and Furious

Jon Frankel travels to Austria for the Super Bowl of skiing: the Hahnenkamm downhill.

Born to Sell

David Scott profiles Michael Rubin, a billionaire sports mogul teaming up with hip hop artist Meek Mill to reform the criminal justice system.

Miami Magic

Andrea Kremer sits down with the University of Miami’s new head football coach, Manny Diaz Jr, the grandson of Cuban exiles whose family story is nothing short of remarkable.


Bryant Gumbel revisits golf’s most popular personality, David Feherty, who’s taken to standup comedy despite heartbreaking personal tragedy.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Series HBO episode 264

Race Across Antarctica

Bryant Gumbel speaks with the first explorers to race more than 900 miles across Antarctica — completely unaided.

A Secret Battle

Soledad O’Brien takes a look at the surprisingly high number of male athletes who suffer with eating disorders.

American Dream

Mary Carillo revisits Lopez Lomong, a ‘Lost Boys of Sudan’ who found amazing success as a track star in the United States.

The Coldest Catch

Soledad O’Brien explores Minnesota’s annual “Super Bowl” of ice fishing.

Game Change

Bernard Goldberg’s special report reveals striking shifts in football’s demographics across the United States.

Inside Man

Jon Frankel profiles ESPN Insider Adam Schefter, whose reputation as an insatiable reporter has made him the dominant force in the hyper-competitive 24/7 NFL news cycle.

The Body Builder

Soledad O’Brien talks to Hugh Herr about how a severe climbing injury inspired his quest to make the most advanced prosthetics in the world.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel episode 262

Bryant Gumbel hosts a roundtable discussion with the Real Sports correspondents reflecting on the most memorable sports stories of 2018.

The Play Gap

Jon Frankel explores the growing gap in youth sports between the haves and the have-nots – one that’s leaving millions of kids across the country priced out of sports like never before.

War Games

David Scott reports from Russia on a most unusual sporting event: The International Army Games, where 32 mostly rogue anti-Western countries convene for an Olympic-style competition that features hi-tech combat munitions and maneuvers – and which ultimately doubles as an arms market.

Game Changer

Soledad O’Brien revisits President and COO of the 3-time NBA champion Golden State Warriors, Rick Welts – who’s also the only openly gay executive of the four major sports.

Flight Club

Jon Frankel travels to the mountains of Utah to meet the founder of Project Airtime, a paragliding program designed to get people with brain and spinal cord injuries out of their chairs and off the ground paragliding

Shots Fired

In April 2017, a 15-year-old African-American football player was shot and killed by a white police officer.David Scott investigates whether it was a tragic mistake or murder.

The Chess Master

Soledad O’Brien travels to the new chess capital of the world, St. Louis, Missouri, where chess is helping transform not only the city but American dreams of global chess dominance for the first time since Bobby Fisher.

Magic Man

Bryant Gumbel revisits former NFL star and magician Jon Dorenbos and learns of the latest twist in his remarkable life.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Episode 259