Real Sports With Bryant GumbelReal Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

The Play Gap

Jon Frankel explores the growing gap in youth sports between the haves and the have-nots ? one that?s leaving millions of kids across the country priced out of sports like never before.

War Games

David Scott reports from Russia on a most unusual sporting event: The International Army Games, where 32 mostly rogue anti-Western countries convene for an Olympic-style competition that features hi-tech combat munitions and maneuvers ? and which ultimately doubles as an arms market.

Game Changer

Soledad O?Brien revisits President and COO of the 3-time NBA champion Golden State Warriors, Rick Welts ? who?s also the only openly gay executive of the four major sports.

Flight Club

Jon Frankel travels to the mountains of Utah to meet the founder of Project Airtime, a paragliding program designed to get people with brain and spinal cord injuries out of their chairs and off the ground paragliding

Shots Fired

In April 2017, a 15-year-old African-American football player was shot and killed by a white police officer.David Scott investigates whether it was a tragic mistake or murder.

The Chess Master

Soledad O?Brien travels to the new chess capital of the world, St. Louis, Missouri, where chess is helping transform not only the city but American dreams of global chess dominance for the first time since Bobby Fisher.

Magic Man

Bryant Gumbel revisits former NFL star and magician Jon Dorenbos and learns of the latest twist in his remarkable life.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Episode 259


Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses how his concussions forced him out of NASCAR and accelerated his tranisition into broadcasting.

Sudden Death

After an alarming number of college football deaths during non-contact workouts, Jon Frankel examines the role of strength and conditioning coaches.

Boy Wonder

David Scott details the inspiring story of seven-year old, one-armed gold phenom Tommy Morrissey.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Mt. Everest: The Death Zone

David Scott travels to Mt. Everest to find out why Sherpas are risking their lives to retrieve dead bodies from the top of the world.

Women Decorating Sports

Jon Frankel examines whether the current wave of feminism has affected our culture's views on cheerleaders and other roles women play on the sidelines of male-dominated sports.

Mansour Bahrami

Mary Carillo profiles 62-year-old Mansour Bahrami, perhaps the greatest tennis player that never was.

The Prodigy

Bryant Gumbel sits down with St. Louis Rams head coach Sean McVay.

Hidden Treasure

Jon Frankel travels to the Philippines to meet a community of poor, persecuted fisherman with a secret ? they are the best freedivers on earth.

Doctor on the Line

Andrea Kremer profiles Kansas City offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, the only current NFL player to earn a medical degree.

Playing for Peanuts

Jon Frankel revisits the stark disparity between pay rates for Major League Baseball players and their minor league counterparts.

The Purge

Ahead of the World Cup, Bernard Goldberg travels to Russia, where Vladimir Putin?s grand plan to achieve glory through sport has taken a dark turn.

Men in Blazers

Andrea Kremer profiles Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, the popular English-born broadcasting duo who cover all things soccer.


Soledad O?Brien meets up with inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen, the mastermind behind the Robotics World Championship.


Jon Frankel evaluates the NFL's concussion settlement and learns that although it promised to help former players, critics are calling it a disaster as only a tiny fraction of players are getting paid.

The Puzzle Master

Bryant Gumbel sits down with Will Shortz, the man behind the New York Times Crossword Puzzle, and goes behind the scenes at the national Crossword Puzzle Championship.

The Mind of Royce White

Bernard Goldberg catches up with former NBA player Royce White, now a professional in Canada's National Basketball League and an advocate for mental health rights.

The Captain

Bryant Gumbel sits down with former New York Yankees superstar Derek Jeter to discuss his latest endeavor: running the Miami Marlins.

Secret Scars

Jon Frankel examines how NCAA student-athletes are suffering staggering rates of abuse from their coaches.

On a Roll

Mary Carillo follows the top-ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers women's bowling team as they get ready to defend their NCAA crown.

Shaq Inc.

Bernard Goldberg sits down with basketball legend and businessman Shaquille O?Neal and discovers he may now be even bigger off the court than he was on it.

Uncharted Waters

David Scott details the remarkable story of former Olympian Amy Van Dyken ? who after being paralyzed in an accident in 2014 has provided inspiration to others.

Force of Nature

Jon Frankel sits down with the fastest family in sports: the NHRA?s Force family.

Slaves No More

A special extended segment that revisits a 2004 undercover expos� on the enslavement of child jockeys in the Middle Eastern sport of camel racing ? the unwitting role the United States government played in enabling the slavery ring ? and the surprising events that brought the practice to an end.

She's Got Game

Sports broadcaster Doris Burke shares the hurdles she overcame to become the first woman to work as a full-season NBA analyst for nationally televised broadcasts.

On Thin Ice

David Scott examines the NHL's approach to concussions within the sport, specifically the league's denial of a link between CTE and head trauma despite strong evidence to the contrary.

Going for Broke

Heading into the Winter Games, Jon Frankel examines why so many U.S. Olympic hopefuls are going broke going for gold.

The Body Builder

Since day one, eccentric former Mr. Olympia John Brown has sculpted his three sons into football powerhouses.

The Believer

Tennis great Margaret Court's opposition to gay rights has provoked some to call for the removal of her name from an Australian Open arena.

Bryant Gumbel sits down with the Real Sports correspondents in a roundtable discusison of the most memorable moments from the show this year.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

A Town Called Refuge

Refugio, Texas, an impoverished border town decimated by Hurricane Harvey, embraces the improbable success of their high school football team.

Like Father, Like Son

Doug and Chris Collins are basketball lifers that have seen the peaks and valleys of their profession.

Soccer Sensei

Soccer coach Tom Byer shares his keys to success and explains why USMNT struggles to win big in world competition.

King Kelly

Surfing star Kelly Slater believes he can revolutionize the sport by crafting the perfect man-made wave.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

Big Man on Campus: Patrick Ewing discusses his first season as head coach of Georgetown University?s men's basketball team.

Bet On It:
Real Sports explores the evolving relationship between gambling and pro sports.

The Survivors:
A passion for football isn't the only bond shared by two mass shooting survivors.

Blind Ambition:
David Scott catches up with blind athlete Erik Weihenmayer as he helps blind youth face their fears.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
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