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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Dangerous Games

Universities across the country are largely shut down with the exception of one group: college athletes. David Scott examines the health and safety measures being instituted by the NCAA and universities as they look to resume college football in the fall.

‌Skid Row

Jon Frankel profiles Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell who founded LA’s Skid Row Running Club to help individuals with drug and alcohol abuse – which has proven to be a lifeline for many, especially during the pandemic.‌

‌Game Over?

Host Bryant Gumbel is joined by football reporter Peter King (NBC Sports), basketball reporter David Aldridge (The Athletic), and baseball reporter Tom Verducci (Sports Illustrated, MLB Network) for a candid discussion about the state of the respective sports they cover.

‌Letter Perfect

Real Sports reflects on a story first aired in June 2016 featuring kids labeled “mental athletes” and how they've turned brain games like Spelling Bees, Scrabble, and memory challenges into competitive sports complete with raucous crowds and television coverage.

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Bryant Gumbel interviews dozens of industry leaders to find out how two plagues -- COVID-19 and systemic racial injustice -- have affected the sports world.

Black in Bellaire

Real Sports gets an update from Robbie Tolan, a former MLB prospect who was racially profiled and shot by police at his family's home in Texas in 2009.

Questionable Calls

David Scott examines the decisions made by the NBA and its teams during the coronavirus pandemic.

Re-opening Day

As the U.S. grapples with how to bring back professional sports amidst a pandemic, one nation serves as a model: South Korea. The wildly popular Korean Baseball Organization made a splash when it opened its season in early May.

State of the Unions

Bryant Gumbel is joined by the three most powerful union chiefs in all of sports -- DeMaurice Smith of the NFLPA, Michele Roberts of the NBPA and Tony Clark of the MLBPA -- to discuss what's next for their leagues.

On The Front Line

Andrea Kremer talks to Super Bowl champion and doctor Laurent Duvernay-Tardif about his experience on the frontlines during the pandemic.

Dangerous Games

David Scott investigates the role major sporting events played in the spread of the Coronavirus.

Answering the Call

Jon Frankel examines how sports organizations, companies and leagues are working together to combat the pandemic.

Voices Silenced

Bryant Gumbel is joined by sports broadcasters Jim Nantz, Joe Buck and Mike Breen for a discussion on the impact COVID-19 is having on the sports world.

To The Dogs

Real Sports takes a trip down memory lane with Bernard Goldberg as he revisits the Westminster Dog Show.

Risky Business

In recent years, elite climbers have attracted millions of eyeballs on social media and in the case of Alex Honnold, Oscar recognition for their daredevil climbs. Jon Frankel investigates how the increased attention has caused extreme climbers to push the limits further.

Revenge of the Nerd

MLB pitcher, Trevor Bauer, wasn’t always the big man on campus. In an interview with Bernard Goldberg, he discusses how he still has to fight for acceptance despite making it to the pros.

The Fighter

On October 16, 2019, 27-year-old Patrick Day became the fourth boxer since July 2019 to die from injuries sustained in the ring. Jon Frankel interviews those closest to the boxer to see how they’re coping with the loss.

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Remembering Kobe Bryant

In memory of Kobe Bryant, Real Sports revisits two profiles of the late legend in the wake of a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of the Lakers icon, his daughter Gianna and seven others.

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown: Fallout

David Scott examines Japan’s efforts to decontaminate and repopulate the areas affected by the Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion ahead of the 2020 Olympics.

Erin Andrews: In the Spotlight

Soledad O’Brien sits down with Erin Andrews to discuss the challenges she faced throughout her career as she gears up to help cover the Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Series HBO episode 274

Bryant Gumbel hosts a roundtable discussion with the Real Sports correspondents to reflect on the most memorable sports stories of 2019.

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Youth Overuse Injuries

Jon Frankel investigates how the professionalization of youth sports has contributed to the rise of overuse injuries in kids as young as eight-years-old.    

Huwe Burton

Bryant Gumbel speaks to Huwe Burton, a man who ran this month's NYC marathon after his murder conviction was overturned in January 2019.


Ryan Saunders

Head Coach Ryan Saunders tells Andrea Kremer how he plans to lead the Minnesota Timberwolves to the NBA Western Conference Finals.


Amy Van Dyken Update

Amy Van Dyken speaks to David Scott about how Adaptive CrossFit helped her regain her confidence and the strength to complete daily tasks that she once thought were impossible from a wheelchair.




Giant of Africa

David Scott travels with Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri as he returns home to Nigeria with the NBA championship trophy and to Cameroon to visit one of Ujiri’s basketball camps.

Vick-tory Dogs

Jon Frankel profiles The Best Friends Animal Society, a pet rescue and advocacy organization that gave Michael Vick’s dogs a chance to recover from their abuse and redefined what made dogs adoptable.

Voice of Auburn

Mary Carillo speaks with Andy Burcham about welcoming the late Rod Bramblett’s children into his family.



The Oakland Raiders defensive lineman sits down with Bernie Goldberg to discuss his turbulent past and uncertain future.

For God and Country

New Zealand’s first All Blacks Muslim player shows David Scott how rugby is helping a diverse and divided country heal after a white supremacist killed 100 Muslim worshippers in March.

On the Basis of Sex

Jon Frankel dissects why baseball is the one sport, other than football, that we essentially dissuade girls and women from playing.

Heat Stroke in High School Football

Soledad O’Brien explores how heat stroke, a 100 percent curable condition, has claimed more lives at the high school level than the college level.  

Justin Tucker

NFL kicker Justin Tucker talks to Bernard Goldberg about how his opera training prepares him for his big kicks on the field.

Ryan Lochte

Jon Frankel speaks to disgraced Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte, who claims he has matured since his long series of missteps.

Ken Green Update

Ken Green sits down with Bryant Gumbel to discuss how his life has vastly improved since his most recent surgery on his amputated leg and revealing he’s a victim of childhood abuse.



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