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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel


Show Me the Money

Jon Frankel reports on the NCAA allowing student athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness.

Basketball Giants

David Scott takes a look at some of the world’s tallest men and their odds of making it to the NBA.

Fields of Vision

Soledad O'Brien checks in with the now teenagers of Camp Abilities, a revolutionary sports program for blind and visually impaired children.

Tacko Fall and teammates after a game

Rising Son

Andrea Kremer sits down with Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis.

Fire on the Mountain

Jon Frankel checks in with Jerry Garcia, the firefighter who's played a vital role in the fight to save the forests of the American West.

Inside Man

Real Sports reconnects with NFL reporter Adam Schefter, who married the widow of a 9/11 victim and has raised their son as his own.

Mark Davis in the Raider's locker room

The Darkside of Cheer

Real Sports investigates how the glamorous, glitzy world of cheerleading got overrun by sexual abusers.

Force for Change

David Scott explores the growing number of police agencies across the country using the Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique as a solution to limiting police force.

Card Craze

Jon Frankel examines the boom in sports card trading and NFT's amidst the pandemic.

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Green Gold Rush

Former NBA players Al Harrington and Matt Barnes are part of the green gold rush associated with the legal cannabis industry, looking to grow their profits and help the Black community along the way.

Wild Game

Soledad O’Brien examines how some hunters are now competing for cash prizes to curb the population of unwanted animals.

Young Master

Mary Carillo talks to 10-year-old chess prodigy Tani Adewumi about his Grandmaster title.

Flight Club

Real Sports revisits the unique, adaptive paragliding outfit that gives athletes who can’t walk the chance to fly – offering them joy, exhilaration, and the opportunity to feel whole again.

A grower inspects a plant inside a cannabis greenhouse

Ball Market

Soledad O’Brien explores a new business that treats baseball players as investable commodities.

Vaccine Games

David Scott examines the IOC’s relentless push towards the Tokyo Olympics no matter the cost to public health.    


Flying High

Mary Carillo profiles one of the world's best female street skaters.


Bike Wars

Bryant Gumbel updates his report on the global “Bike Boom” that took the world by storm during the pandemic.

Brazil player getting vaccinated

Out of Bounds

Andrea Kremer sheds light on the challenges faced by female sports reporters in a male-dominated industry.

Rule 50

Bryant Gumbel leads a panel discussion on the International Olympic Committee’s rule forbidding political protest at its events.

Young Bucks

Jon Frankel reports on mini bull riders, little kids as young as 8 years old duking it out against raging bulls up to 15 times their weight.

Boy Wonder

David Scott checks in with 10-year-old Tommy Morrissey -- a golf prodigy turned star baseball pitcher with only one arm -- on his journey to self-acceptance.

A kid riding a bucking bull at a rodeo


Kavitha Davidson reports on the rise of COVID-related anxiety, depression and suicide among youth athletes. 

Marathon Man

Andrea Kremer talks with Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray, who's using his event planning skills to organize major vaccine sites in Massachusetts.     


The Impossible Race 

Mary Carillo profiles The Barkley Marathons, where runners have 60 hours to complete a course that is 100 miles long. It's the most sadistic race on the planet, which is why only a handful have ever completed it.


Off Course

Jon Frankel updates his 2012 story on backcountry skiing, a sport that's seen record growth amid the pandemic and contributed to making this ski season one of the deadliest in terms of avalanches.

student athlete Sky Ebron being interviewed

Winds of Change

Host Bryant Gumbel sits down with Senator Cory Booker, former NCAA investigator Tim Nevius and others to discuss reforming college athletics.

Bouncing Back

Mary Carillo visits with former NBA star Jayson Williams, who after overcoming his own tortured past has dedicated his life to helping others.   


Soledad O’Brien talks to Oksana Masters about her miraculous journey from being an orphan to becoming a Paralympian.

The Body Builder

Real Sports checks-in with Hugh Herr, a biophysician who designs computer powered prosthetics for both himself and the general public. 



Jayson Williams talking with Mary Carillo by the pool

Waiting Game

Over the last four NFL offseasons, only three Black coaching candidates have filled 27 head-coaching vacancies. Bryant Gumbel explores the hiring practices of teams across the league.

The Iceman Cometh

After his wife passed, Wim Hof found an unconventional outlet for his grief: He pioneered a cold-water immersion technique that he says has enabled him to take on extreme sports in freezing temeperatures. Correspondent Jon Frankel meets with Hof to witness his abilities firsthand.

Playing On

Despite the shutdown of almost all group gatherings amid the pandemic, many youth travel team sports continue to play on. Correspondent David Scott examines whether practices, games, and travel-related activities associated with youth sports have contributed to the spread of the virus.

All the Right Moves

Correspondent Soledad O’Brien revisits with chess revolutionary Rex Sinquefield, who grew from an orphan boy into a billionaire and built a chess empire in his hometown of St. Louis.

Wim Hof meditating in the snow

The Oregon Project

Running prodigy Mary Cain and others come forward to detail Nike’s controversial Oregon Project.

Black & Blue

Real Sports sits down with Charles Adams, head coach of the powerhouse Minneapolis North High School football team and 20-year veteran of the police department, who was called to duty during the social unrest following the death of George Floyd.

The Long Haul

Real Sports checks in with athletes ailing from COVID’s harsh symptoms months after contracting the virus as they wonder if they’ll ever be able to compete again.

runner after finishing a race

Bryant Gumbel hosts a roundtable discussion with the Real Sports correspondents to reflect on the most memorable sports stories of 2020.


real sports 284 year end round table december 1920


David Scott explores the history and medicinal benefits behind using psychedelic drugs to treat PTSD, depression, and anxiety in athletes.

Into the Deep

Bryant Gumbel goes on a deep sea adventure with Texas millionaire Victor Vesco, the only person to reach the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean.


Mary Carillo sits down with some of sports’ most colorful fanatics to find out what makes them tick and how they are faring during the pandemic.

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Soledad O’Brien examines the booming business of online gaming and the teenage boys who are profiting.

Hidden Figures

Bryant Gumbel investigates how MLB has failed to fully integrate the Negro Leagues into its history.

Fairway to Freedom

David Scott talks to Valentino Dixon, a former prisoner who credits golf for earning him his freedom for a crime he didn’t commit.

No Surrender

Real Sports speaks to former NFL player Steve Gleason on how he's coping with COVID.

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