Ilsa From Finland
Mosaic | Season 1 | Episode 4

Ilsa From Finland

TV-MA | 47 MIN

Written by Ed Solomon

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Nate enlists Frank to find out where Joel actually was on New Year's Eve. In an effort to root out the truth, Frank tells Joel that he informed Petra and Nate about the false alibi.

Joel finds Tia — the girl he believes he drunkenly hooked up with on New Year's Eve. She confirms they spent the night at her place, but informs Joel they never hooked up because he was puking the entire time. Unfortunately for Joel, Tia also adds she picked him up at three minutes to midnight. His whereabouts at the time of Olivia's death, around 10 p.m., are still a mystery. Petra and Nate follow up with Tia separately, learning Joel's alibi is blown.

There's a further break in the case when Olivia Lake's body is discovered near her property.