Meet Olivia Lake
Mosaic | Season 1 | Episode 1

Meet Olivia Lake

TV-MA | 49 MIN

Written by Ed Solomon

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Celebrated children's author Olivia Lake attends a fundraising party for her organization, Mosaic, a children's art workshop in Summit, Utah. A handsome bartender named Joel catches Olivia's eye, and the two hit it off when he admits her work inspired him to become an artist. Deciding to mentor Joel, Olivia offers him lodging and a workspace at her home, a remote estate with picturesque views. Her enthusiasm for mentorship quickly fades when she discovers Joel has a girlfriend, but Joel stays on as a live-in handyman.

Olivia's longtime neighbor Michael O'Connor is a young financier who views the author as a surrogate mother. When he discovers valuable metal deposits under her property, Michael and his associate, Tom Davis, become extremely interested in buying Olivia's home. After she refuses to sell to them, they enlist a con man, Eric Neill, to convince her to move away from Summit.

Eric orchestrates a run-in with Olivia at a ski lodge. While Olivia meets with a professor of geology to consider sediment tests on her property, Eric pretends to overhear the conversation and warns her the man sounds like a con artist. He should know, Eric explains, his dad was a con back in the day. Although the situation has been manufactured to win Olivia's trust, it works, and a smitten Olivia quickly falls into a romantic relationship with Eric.