'I, Sandee' or 'This Sex. Which Is. Not One.'
Hung | Season 3 | Episode 8

'I, Sandee' or 'This Sex. Which Is. Not One.'

TV-MA | 24 MIN

Written by Angela Robinson & Alex Kondracke
Directed by Adam Davidson

Ray walks in on Logan as she tries on a bridal gown and quickly - but loudly - hooks up with her in the fitting room. Tanya finds out that Charlie violated his bail and tries to track him down, but all she gets for her trouble is the pimp's two sons dropped off at her house.

Ray gets blocked out of his own place of business when Lenore refers Jessica as a client. He wants Tanya to kick his ex-wife out of the class, but she refuses because Jessica actually seems to be getting a lot out of the program. As she get in touch with herself, Jessica reveals in group therapy that she faked orgasms when she was married to Ray - and Tanya makes the mistake of telling him. The news shatters his ego, and it gets even worse when he finds out that Jason is meeting Jessica for "the practicum." Fed up, he rushes to the restaurant where they're eating and slugs Jason in the face.