F*** Me, Mr. Drecker or "Let's Not Go to Jail"
Hung | Season 3 | Episode 4

F*** Me, Mr. Drecker or "Let's Not Go to Jail"

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Outside her house, Logan straddles Ray in the driver's seat of his Mustang, definitely getting her money's worth. Afterward, he follows her inside and joins a crowd of her friends (and his former students) for a night of intense partying, which makes the age gap achingly clear the next morning. Returning to his house, Ray finds Tanya, who tells him - far too loudly for the condition he's in - that his client Lydia is actually a cop. She urges him to continue suffering Lydia's rough ways so she doesn't arrest the both of them. But when Ray meets her to "break up," he muddies his message by hooking up with her one last time in the men's room.

Later, Lydia comes by Tanya's office to book another appointment, and she's unwilling to take "no" for an answer. With Ray unreachable, Tanya recruits Jason to pay Lydia a visit for a little simulated breaking and entering. But the cop isn't into the new talent, and Jason earns every penny of the raise Tanya gave him when his new client cold-cocks him. Ray spends the night at his house, playing teacher with Logan, but their session is interrupted by Jessica, who's just finished having uncomfortable, singing-laced sex with her new boss. That doesn't stop her from criticizing Ray for robbing the cradle, and his problems only get worse when Logan leaves - and Lydia's cruiser lights flare toward him from down the block.