'We're Golden' or 'Crooks and Big Beaver'
Hung | Season 3 | Episode 5

'We're Golden' or 'Crooks and Big Beaver'

TV-MA | 25 MIN

A handcuffed Ray rattles around the back of Lydia's police cruiser, bashing his face off of various surfaces while trying to figure out what exactly she plans to do with him. When the cop/client stops to pick up a pack of smokes, Ray voice-dials Tanya, who rushes out to help despite Charlie's advice to cut her ho loose. Lydia returns to drive Ray to the police station, but instead of booking him, she points to another officer standing on the step. It's her husband, who broke her heart by sleeping with a prostitute. Before they can delve any deeper into Lydia's trust issues, Ray's phone rings. It's Damon. The kids have found out that Jessica slept with her new boss, and a family meltdown is in progress as Darby threatens to leave.

Warning Ray not to make a break for it, Lydia drives him to Jessica's house, where he sorts out the argument under extreme duress (and without shoes). As the cruiser pulls away, Lydia catches Tanya tailing them, so she pulls the pimp over and takes her into custody as well. Intent on outing the both of them to her husband just to see the look on his face, Lydia drives to a coffee shop filled with cops. But in the moment, she loses the nerve to stand up to him.

In the last stop of the night, Lydia drives the pair to a remote park, where she cuffs Tanya to a post and climbs into the back seat with Ray. "You hurt me, too," she tells him, softening, and Ray realizes that even his aggressive clients can be more fragile than they appear. To make amends – and earn his freedom – Ray offers a freebie: "No cops and robbers. No money. Just you and me." After the cruiser stops shaking, Ray unlocks Tanya's cuffs and leads his pimp home.