Fat Off My Love or "I'm the Allergen"
Hung | Season 2 | Episode 9

Fat Off My Love or "I'm the Allergen"

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Written by Angela Robinson
Directed by Colette Burson

Lenore interrupts Ray's history class to accuse him of sleeping with Frances and cutting her out of her 40 percent. Ray insists he didn't do anything with Frances and that Tanya gave the money back but Lenore is on a rampage: Tanya is a "dead poet walking," and if Ray doesn't hand over her cut in 24 hours, she will "do things" she will "later regret."

Tanya begs Charlie to be her back-up in talking to Mike and Ray. "My business is headed off a cliff!" she pleads. But Charlie refuses, urging her to figure out what she's doing with "one white guy ho who don't do dudes...that shit cannot be about business."

Lenore invites Horny Patty out for a drink and plants the seed that Tanya is a sociopath. But Patty says she needs "cause" to fire Tanya.

Ray and the teachers get their termination notices, and Mike tells off Ray about the Frances situation: "You've been getting fat off my love!" and terminates their friendship. Realizing Tanya lied to him, Ray chases Tanya down to get Frances' money back. She finally admits she spent it and runs off, collapsing on an abandoned ball field at the site of the old Tiger Stadium. Ray lectures her about disappointing him and Tanya counters: "Good people get f**ked Ray!....We're not good people! We're criminals!"

Jessica begs Ronnie not to leave her, but at the dermatology awards dinner the doctor Jess saw for her rash recognizes her, upsetting Ronnie just before he accepts his award. He has a meltdown at the podium, telling the audience "I'm the allergen!" Jessica leaves, humiliated, as Damon and Darby follow her out.

At the law office, Patty spreads more rumors about Tanya - and accuses her of stealing her Paris snow globe. As she berates Tanya, chanting "T Brain," over and over, Tanya snaps and whips Patty with her belt.

Jess wakes Ray up with a late night phone call from outside his house, wanting to go swimming. They dive into the lake, and their water play leads to kissing.