Third Base or "That Rash"
Hung | Season 2 | Episode 8

Third Base or "That Rash"

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Julia Brownell & Eileen Myers
Directed by Bronwen Hughes

Ray steps out of the coaching box; Tanya's deception is exposed; Jessica scratches an old itch. Bronwen Hughes

When the team locker room is vandalized and all of the equipment is stolen, Ray is ready to give up, but Mike convinces him if he plays in the Alumni game, it will revitalize morale and raise more money: "People wanna see you hit the ball." But Ray is scared of coming up short.

Mike and Frances' relationship hits a bump when Mike asks her to buy tickets to the Alumni game. She is disturbed by the direct discussion about money.

At a diner, Ray questions Damon about the graffiti at the school and his son is insulted at the implication. He spots Claire, the pregnant client, who leaves him a note on a napkin: "Call me." Later at her place, Claire tells Ray she's lonely. Feeling, "too fat to f**k," she relaxes in the tub while Ray takes her to third base, but the tricky angle causes him to reinjure an old rotator cuff tear.

Tanya puts the squeeze on Frances for unlimited access to Mike. Confused, Frances says she already gave him a check. Feeling like a human ATM, Frances cuts things off with Mike.

Ronnie discovers Jess's rash -- the same one she got when she was unhappy with her marriage with Ray.

Hanging out in his yard, Ray tells Mike he can't play with his injury. Mike blames himself for screwing things up by asking Frances to sponsor the team -- now she won't call him back. Suspicious, Ray goes to Tanya to apologize for banging Lenore -- and to ask if she gave the money back to Frances. Tanya insists she did.

Jess forces the twins to go to the Alumni game and ends up joining them. Damon wanders off and finds Tanya sitting in her car, gearing up "to confess a crime." Ronnie shows up and confronts Ray on the baseball field about Jessica's rash, accusing him of causing her hives and ordering him to stay away. "Ever think Ron, maybe she's allergic to you?" asks Ray. Needing to prove something, Ray removes his sling, laces up and heads up to bat. The pitcher suggests the third pitch might be high and fast and Ray tells him "no" -- but can't resist when the pitch comes his way. He hits it out of the park.

Frances approaches Mike at the end of the game to speak frankly about her arrangement with Tanya but he has no idea what she's talking about. They spot Tanya and when Frances calls her over Tanya bolts.

In the parking lot, Ray and the twins talk Jessica into doing a cheer, like the old days.