Season 2 Episode 1

(Season Two premiere) Ray’s new co-partnership with Tanya and Lenore gets off to an inauspicious start.
Ray irritates Lenore by giving Claire marriage advice; Tanya tries to land a big fish for Ray.
Ray and Jessica face separate identity crises; Tanya seethes at her new boss and at Lenore.
Ray gives Lenore an ultimatum; Tanya suggests a new hobby to shake Damon out of his doldrums; Jessica faces a quandary at home.
A family emergency forces Ray to recruit a 'pinch hitter' for a big client.

Season 2 Episode 6

Jessica turns to Ray for help with a rodent problem; Charlie helps Tanya come to terms with her guilt.
A new client forces Ray to choose cultural sides; Lenore seethes after learning of Tanya’s duplicity.
Ray steps out of the coaching box; Tanya’s deception is exposed; Jessica scratches an old itch.
Mike accuses Ray of betrayal; Ronnie vents his frustrations; Tanya lashes out against her co-workers.
(Season Two Finale) Ray eyes a possible second chance with Jessica; Tanya tries to make amends for her duplicity.
Tanya and Ray sit on dock
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