Pool Party
Hello Ladies | Season 1 | Episode 5

Pool Party

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Wade is thrilled to show Stuart around his new cramped studio apartment. The tour ends at the outdoor pool: "If I give them notice, I can use this," Wade exclaims. Stuart excuses himself after a neighbor comes by and asks to borrow Wade's nail clippers.

Rory shows off the invitation he designed for Stuart's pool party. Stuart calls Glenn and asks him to bring "the kind of people who you would expect to see on a yacht party with P. Diddy. When he was relevant."

Stuart visits Andy's apartment and brings a bottle of wine as a peace offering for his offensive joke at Margot's dinner party. Andy accepts his apology and provides the phone number to Kimberly, the model he promised to set Stuart up with. Stuart calls her up and to his delight, she agrees to come to the party. Realizing how many people are invited, Stuart recruits Wade to host at his pool.

At the soup kitchen where she volunteers, Jessica meets a homeless girl named Heaven who she invites to stay with her. Stuart protests: "She's probably a crackhead or a hooker or something." Jessica makes her case to help Heaven, and they come to an agreement: Heaven can stay and Jessica will bring 20 friends to Stuart's party.

Heaven proves to be a disgruntled houseguest. She laments that the place seems small, asks for drugs and shuts down Jessica's offer to help her find a job. Frustrated, Jessica claims that Stuart is forcing Heaven to leave.

The day of the party, Stuart excitedly greets the DJ and sets up the VIP section. He's annoyed to see several children jumping into the pool and explains to their mom that he's booked the pool for an "adults only" party. She promises to vacate when his guests arrive and Stuart agrees, only to approach a security guard moments later. He requests that no one be admitted without an official invitation. After her children are forcibly removed from the pool, the mom confronts Stuart and swats his cell phone into the pool.

Stuart is upset to see that Rory hired a shirtless male model as the bartender. Rory stands by his decision: "He's like a slice of heaven!"

Two models finally arrive, thinking Glenn is hosting the party. Stuart swoops in and is threatened when the women are flirty with the bartender. "No more talking to the female guests," he orders. Put off, the models decide to leave, despite Stuart's offer to "rustle up some cocaine."

Stuart surveys the party attendees; with no models in sight, he opts to head home. As he drives out, Glenn rolls in with a car full of attractive women. Kives chats up the models, including Kimberly, who takes a picture with Wade to make his wife jealous.

Stuart lounges alone at home. Jessica and Heaven pass by on their way to the homeless shelter. Believing he's evicted her, Heaven cusses Stuart out. Jessica drops Heaven off and accuses her of stealing her iPhone. Realizing the device is in her pocket, Jessica leaves Heaven with a parting gift of ten dollars.

Kives messages the party picture to Stuart, who rushes back to Wade's apartment. The security guard refuses to let him past the gate without a residence ID or invitation. Unable to call Wade, Stuart attempts to scale a fence. A guard catches him before he can get the attention of his friends. Stuart takes one last look at the beautiful people frolicking in the pool and leaves.