The Limo
Hello Ladies | Season 1 | Episode 2

The Limo

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Jessica shoots a scene for her web series at the home of Wade's estranged wife, Marion. Amused by Jessica's portrayal of a teenager, Stuart can't help ruining multiple takes with his giggles. As production is wrapping, Marion arrives home and is upset to run into Wade. They begin a difficult conversation about their failing marriage. Stuart interrupts repeatedly about moving Marion's car. Desperate to reconcile, Wade reveals a surprise he's planned - a romantic night out in a limousine. Marion is horrified by the idea and suggests they not see each other for a month.

Jessica preps the house for what she hopes will be a sophisticated girls' night in. Wade and Kives arrive in the limo to pick up Stuart and Rory. The men are rapt with excitement. Jessica's friends arrive and Stuart flaunts the car as they walk past him to the house. The actresses decline his invitation to join. As the limo pulls out, Stuart and Wade pop through the sunroof to serenade the women with an atrocious rendition of "Born to Be Wild."

Wade, Stuart and Kives cruise around Los Angeles in pursuit of beautiful women. Their limo pulls up to the Ambassador Room, where the red carpet is swarming with paparazzi. Stuart is annoyed when the doorwoman rebuffs him because he has no reservation. He escalates the situation to the manager who also turns him away. Stuart is forced to guide his limo out through traffic while the crowd heckles him.

Jessica's attempt to steer her actress friends' conversation from Gwyneth Paltrow's diet to North Korea falls flat. She suggests watching 'Battleship Potemkin,' which her friends mistake as "the one with Rihanna." The group is quickly bored with the film and suggests going out instead.

The men spot a trio of women visiting LA from St. Louis. Kives charms them into the limo. Just as things are getting flirty with Stuart and a woman named Lori, Jessica calls with news that her friends want to join. Once the limo picks up the actresses, Stuart ignores Lori completely. Wade's night takes a turn when his wife comes up in conversation. He moves up front and breaks down in sobs.

The actresses get a text about a party in the Ambassador Room. Stuart ditches the rest of the group to join them. As soon as they get past the doorwoman, Jessica discloses that none of her friends are single or interested in him. Realizing he gave up "a sure thing," Stuart chases after the limo. He gets back in and tries to resume his conversation with Lori, who tells him to "fuck off." Kives takes the women home for an afterparty. Stuart drops off a still-distraught Wade. Opting out of her friends' vapid conversation, Jessica texts Stuart for a ride. The two head home together in the limo alone.