Amongst Friends
Entourage | Season 6 | Episode 2

Amongst Friends

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Directed by Mark Mylod
Written by
Ally Musika

The gang helps Eric move into his new place and E invites Sloan to accompany him to the 'Gatsby' premiere that night, insisting it's just as "buddies." When Ashley drops by later with a housewarming gift, Eric brushes off her queries about his plans for the evening, telling the guys he doesn't want her to get ideas about being his girlfriend — he wants to be single right now.

Ari pushes Mrs. Ari to take Andrew Klein's wife Marlo on a mani-pedi date wanting their wives to be friends. In spite of Andrew's doubts, the two women hit it off. At Miller-Gold, Andrew pulls Ari into a meeting set up by agent Lizzie Grant with two showrunners — Ari picks up on Andrew's flirtation with the junior agent and warns him to stay away. At the premiere, Ashley surprises Eric by showing up. Eric confesses his real feelings for Sloan but she tells him she can't just jump back in and he counters that he can't just be friends. Ari confronts Andrew and Ari orders him to end his fling with Lizzie. Back at Vince's mansion, Eric gets a call from Ashley and decides to console himself with her, leaving Vince, Drama, Turtle and their dates to continue the party.