Security Briefs
Entourage | Season 6 | Episode 9

Security Briefs

TV-MA | 24 MIN

Written by Ally Musika
Directed by Ken Whittingham

Vince and Turtle are upset about the security team's takeover of the mansion, but when the driver's license found in the couch leads to a guy with a dubious past, Vince decides the security is worth the hassle. Turtle and Drama call E to meet Vince at his fitting for the Frank Darabont film and Ashley grows suspicious of his cryptic replies. Ari steals Zac Efron away from Adam Davies, and Adam retaliates by offering Lloyd a job as an agent. Lloyd rejects the offer, but reconsiders when Ari more than doubles his hazing period. Lloyd finally quits in a rage, abandoning Ari's smashed-up car in Beverly Hills.

When Drama learns that the alleged stalker works at The Pleasure Chest, a store he used to frequent, he takes matters into his own hands. Just before he's about to go Rambo on the guy, he gets a call from Vince: Turtle has discovered that Vince's stalker is actually a bunch of sorority girls who were ordered to steal "Jamie-Lynn Sigler's boyfriend's underwear." Ashley meets Eric's assistant and the green monster rears her head, again.