The Sorkin Notes
Entourage | Season 6 | Episode 8

The Sorkin Notes

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Written by Doug Ellin & Ally Musika
Directed by Mark Mylod

Eric cuts short a call from Sloan, who wants to make sure E's not angry with her. He runs off to meet with Vince and the Israeli security team. Vince and the guys wonder if the Fort Knox treatment is really necessary. At Miller Gold Ari finds Andrew passed out on his office couch because Marlo kicked him out and blocked his credit cards. Barbara Miller wants Andrew fired if he doesn't sign Aaron Sorkin by the end of the day. Sloan invites Eric for a friendly drink and even though she admits she's seeing someone, he agrees. When Marlo won't let Andrew back in the house to get his Sorkin notes — and then torches them — Andrew drives through the front window and ends up in jail.

Eric gets a call from Ashley just as he's meeting Sloan and ditches on drinks with her, telling Sloan he doesn't want to mess things up with a girl he kind of likes when Sloan is sending such missed signals. Ari makes Andrew pitch Sorkin from jail and when Andrew breaks down, Sorkin takes pity on him and agrees to sign, much to Ari's surprise. E makes up with Ashley. Meanwhile, the security team finds a driver's license in Vince's couch cushions — has his stalker been found?