Berried Alive
Entourage (LWM) | Season 6 | Episode 10

Berried Alive

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Doug Ellin
Directed by David Nutter

Turtle frets over his unclean thoughts about the sorority girl, given his devotion to Jamie-Lynn. When Drama runs into the producer of 'Melrose,' (who canned him) and he suggests there's a part in 'Melrose 2009' that Johnny would be perfect for, Drama contacts Lloyd to see if he can get out of his 'Five Towns' contract — and discovers Lloyd has jumped ship.

When Ari learns that Lloyd's gone to Adam Davies, he goes ballistic, and Drama benefits from the tug of war between Lloyd and Ari. Ari gets Drama off 'Five Towns,' but Lloyd makes an impassioned plea to remain his agent. Drama grills Ari about whether he believes in his talent - and Ari lets him go. Eric goes to Ashley's and learns she's suspicious about the identity of "Rupert Pupkin" (the name she saw on his cell phone). She insists she's not normally jealous and suggests she be able to read his emails to re-establish trust. Eric agrees, but has second thoughts and ends up breaking up with Ashley. Meanwhile, Jamie-Lynn gets a new series...shooting in New Zealand.