Murphy's Lie
Entourage (LWM) | Season 6 | Episode 6

Murphy's Lie

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Directed by Julian Farino
Written by Ally Musika

Turtle and Vince watch as Jamie shoots her 'Five Towns' love scene with Drama. E shows up late, having had a rough night after calling Ashley "Sloan." Ari finally convinces Mrs. Ari to accept his apology, but his problems aren't over: At Miller Gold, Marlo Klein tears through the offices in search of Andrew's "whore." Ari gets rid of her and has Lloyd track down Andrew and Lizzie, intending to fire them both but Lizzie insists it's over. Ari orders Andrew to go back home to Marlo. E goes to Ashley's to apologize, but as he's showering after their make-up sex, Ashley listens to a voice message he gets from Sloan. Realizing Sloan was responsible for his new job offer, Ashley storms out.

Eric meets with Maury Berenson and accepts the job with his management company. Studio exec Dan Coakley shows up on set to meet Jamie-Lynn and invites her to lunch to discuss future projects. Drama gets protective and follows them to spy. While Turtle is at his first day of school, Vince kills time with co-eds and gets updates from Drama about Jamie-Lynn's lunch date. Back on set, when Jamie-Lynn hasn't returned, Drama works himself into a frenzy, storms Coakleys' office and tries to choke him. Coakley threatens to have him killed — by the writers. When E shows up at Ashley's that night she accuses him of still having feelings for Sloan and he admits he does.