The Dream Team
Entourage | Season 4 | Episode 5

The Dream Team

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Directed by Seith Mann
Written by Brian Burns

Drama brings the crew to Barney's to scrape a few years off his look. While he preens in a leather jacket, Vince and E run into Snoop Dogg on their way to the store's restaurant. The rapper compliments them on the 'Medellin' trailer, which he saw leaked on YouTube that morning. Vince and E take the news in stride, but when they meet Walsh at the restaurant, he freaks and blames E for the disclosure. The argument escalates to vulgar insults and ends in a table-scattering scuffle. While E grapples with his director, Drama sees a customer wearing a "California Homegrown" hat that he must have. His quest leads him to a medical marijuana facility, but he's barred from entering without a prescription card. Naturally, Turtle knows a guy and hooks Drama up with a doctor to remedy his "anxiety disorder." Leveraging his diagnosis to buy the hat – and the maximum pot dosage allowed by law – Drama heads to the 'Five Towns'set. But, his cast mates are less impressed with his polished image than the dank he scored, leading to a real re-visitation of his youth, ripping bong loads in his trailer.

Fistfights notwithstanding, the 'Medellin' leak turns out to be a blessing: Ari's office has been flooded with calls looking to cash in on Vince's sudden marketability. But, the agent promises Vince he'll convince Dana Gordon, who's back on top after Ari got her fired from Warner Bros., to attach Vince to a mountain-hiking story called 'Lost in the Clouds.' Also, Elvis Mitchell from Interview magazine is in town to meet Vince, E and Walsh about the genius behind 'Medellin.' The trio makes it through the meeting without a meltdown, but afterward, a shirtless Walsh (complete with a monstrous 'Medellin' tattoo on his back) chases E's Aston-Martin down the street. Swearing he'll never speak to the director again after the release of 'Medellin,' E takes a call from Ari who's sold Dana on his dream team: "Who wants to climb Mount Annapurna," he asks. "Vinny stars, E produces, Walsh directs. Boom."