The Divorce Cast Teases Their Characters' New Beginnings

By Marissa Blanchard


Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church, Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam give a preview of what to expect from Season 2.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Frances)

“I think what often is discovered is that the theoretical of this new life is very different than the reality. I’m hoping that we created stories that depict how hard it is to kind of carve out a new life and still have some of the prior complexities. I’m hoping what the audience experiences is a truthful and funny portrait of two people who have begun new chapters.”

Thomas Haden Church (Robert)

“Overall Robert has a renewed hope. At some point he was hopeful — maybe before the show began. There’s some of that detritus to be cleaned up in terms of the divorce; it takes time to fit into the new bifurcated roles. We’re not husband and wife, but we’re still sort of husband and wife to the kids, and to a lot of our responsibilities and friendships.”

Molly Shannon (Diane)

“It seems like Diane’s giving her marriage another go and recommitting, and trying to be really positive. In some ways, she’s a late bloomer and she’s coming into herself. She realizes she has all this stuff — all the money in the world, and she’s married — but she’s kind of a little lost.”

Talia Balsam (Dallas)

“Dallas is resolving some of her anger issues and moving into a different area in her life. I still think it’s an unknown. It’s watching someone test the waters a bit. I think that’s what’s good about this season — the smoke is cleared and now we have sea legs to navigate our second acts. We also see Dallas start to trust herself and make good decisions.”