Crashing | Season 1 | Episode 5


TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Pete Holmes & Judah Miller
Directed by Jeff Schaffer

In Russell's apartment, Pete talks on the phone in a cutesy baby voice. Russell assumes Pete is talking to a romantic fling and is disgusted to learn Pete was on the phone with his mother.

Russell takes Pete to a grocery store where they get their fill of free samples. Russell imparts his wisdom on living cheaply: "I got my cost of living down to about eight dollars a day. ... All you gotta do is figure out where the free sh*t is." Having not yet told his parents about the divorce, Pete begs Jess to come to his mother's birthday dinner in the city. Jess begrudgingly agrees and the two meet at Grand Central first for a drink.

Pete's doting parents are thrilled to see their son. They talk about finding a time for Pete and Jess to visit, and when Pete steps out to use the bathroom, Pete's mother asks Jess why she isn't wearing the "What Would Jesus Do?" bracelet she gave her. Pete's mom brings up holiday plans, and Jess, pushed to the limit, reveals she and Pete are no longer together. Pete's parents are horrified, and Jess blames Pete's mother for breaking up their marriage.

Jess storms out and tells Pete she wants to experience new things. She also tells him to dump his mom. Pete is upset Jess spilled the beans about the divorce. At her hotel, Pete's mom tells him he can't get divorced because he "took an oath before God." Pete leaves to do a show at The Boston; his dad follows him out and admits he was married before he met his mother.

At The Boston, Anaya does her set as Pete watches from the back of the club. Pete sees his parents walk in, and nervously watches them react to Jason's crude act. When he finally takes the stage, his parents applaud enthusiastically. His mom offers some surprising post-show feedback: "I didn't really learn anything about you. Where was the perspective?"

Pete's parents leave and Pete meets Jess at a bar. She hands him her wedding ring and apologizes things aren't going as well for him. Pete rejects her pity and informs her, "I'm kinda having the best time of my life."