Yard Sale
Crashing | Season 1 | Episode 3

Yard Sale

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Pete Holmes & Judd Apatow
Directed by Chris Kelly

Pete tries to get comfortable in T.J. Miller's apartment, which is decorated in a manner befitting the comedian; "comedy" is scrawled backwards opposite the bathroom mirror and clocks set to the wrong time tick on the wall. T.J. wakes Pete the next morning and takes him to "breakfast" at a high end sushi restaurant. "Comedy's kind of a new religion," he says, about being on the road. "You're traveling, you're preaching to people this ideology of seeing everything with a smile, you know?"

Pete calls Jess who tells him to get his stuff because she and Leif are moving to Tampa. Completely dejected, Pete watches sad movies and cries. The next morning, Pete tells T.J. Jess is having a yard sale and T.J. offers to help.

Pete and T.J. drive upstate and once they arrive, Pete is disheartened to see his things discarded with little regard. As T.J. entertains the neighbors, Pete and Jess sort through their belongings. Leif sells a dresser, unaware it held Pete's journals. The two men track down the buyer, who returns the journals only after Leif gives him $200.

At the sale, T.J. tries to convince Jess of the nobility of comedy as a profession.

When Leif and Pete return, Pete intercepts the sale of an antique table, prompting Jess to pull him aside for a chat. Pete shows Jess his journals, and they reminisce over some of their good times. Hearing a scream from the front yard, the two run outside to find T.J. has set fire to a pile of Pete's things.

Pete and T.J. drive back to New York. That night, Pete prepares to do a set at the Grisly Pear open mic, and T.J. shows up. He does a set and Pete nervously prepares to follow.