Crashing’s Guest Star Fan Club

What’s it like getting some of the best names in the business to guest star on your show? An exuberant Pete Holmes explains.

From the Set2:08
Artie Lange

How Artie’s audition (in pajama bottoms) lead to a fateful partnership.

From the Set2:26
T.J. Miller

The real-life friendship between Pete and T.J. inspired Crashing’s set and sensibility.

From the Set1:46
Hannibal Buress

One of Pete’s favorite comedians showcases his unique voice.

From the Set2:54
Sarah Silverman

Comedy queen Sarah Silverman’s advice is legendary. And not just about floss.

The Reality of Stand Up

The comics of Crashing discuss what it’s like starting out in the New York comedy scene.

Series premiere. Aspiring comedian Pete reaches out to comedy icon Artie Lange during an emotional crisis.
Pete meets comic T.J. Miller while struggling to keep Artie Lange sober at a comedy show in Albany.
Pete and T.J. head upstate to his wife's yard sale, where Pete teams up with an unexpected ally to get back a prized possession.
Pete spends an unusual night "barking" on the streets of New York.
Pete asks Jess to keep quiet about their split during a tense birthday dinner with his parents.
Pete is invited to stay with Sarah Silverman, who encourages him to try life as a "warm up" comic.
Pete finds himself caught in a web of lies after receiving an unexpected call from Leif's wife.
Season One Finale. Pete runs into Jess at a friend's baptism, while Artie gets some insights into religion and God.