Sunday Best
Boardwalk Empire | Season 3 | Episode 7

Sunday Best

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Howard Korder
Directed by Allen Coulter

On Easter Sunday, Gillian feigns menstrual cramps and asks Harrow to send all the Artemis Club staff away for the holiday. With everyone gone, Gillian rises from bed and welcomes Roger, the young man she met on the Boardwalk, and seduces him throughout the day. Margaret, Nucky and the children have Easter dinner at Eli's, where June professes her gratitude for all Nucky's done for their family. Harrow takes Tommy to the Sagorskys', where Julia is hosting a small Easter dinner. Julia asks for Harrow's help in the kitchen, where she offers him a private place to eat without his mask.

In New York City, Tonino tells Gyp that the mess in Tabor Heights resulted in a critical loss of territory and manpower, and thus profits are light - a situation that will make their boss, Joe Masseria, very unhappy. Gyp's wife orders him to the dinner table, where she and his mother-in-law ridicule him about his clothing and his poor table manners.

After dinner, the Thompson children gather in the yard for a traditional Easter Egg Hunt. In the kitchen, Margaret apologizes to June for their hardships over the past two years. To her surprise, June accepts the situation: "Eli and Nucky - they've had a lot of ups and downs. Eli worships him." She tells Margaret about the brothers' difficult childhood and that Nucky was the glue that held the family together. Margaret confides about Nucky's mistress and their troubled marriage: "He blames me, I blame him, and I feel like the life is being pressed out of me."

At the Sagorskys', when Paul discovers Tommy playing in his dead son's room, he flies into a rage. Julia tries to convince her father that "Freddy's things don't matter," but he counters that they matter more than she does. When Paul refuses to let go of Tommy, Harrow threatens to kill him. He relents, but demands that everyone leave his house. Harrow insists Julia go with him. They head to the boardwalk where a photographer takes their picture, mistaking them for a family.

Eli and Nucky have a drink in the garage, and Eli asks for more power at the warehouse: "Haven't I taken my licks?" Angrily, Nucky tells him: "You think I'm bottomless, don't you? No matter what you do it's all right." Cowed, Eli hands Nucky a pistol and tells him to just get it over with because he's "sick of waiting." Nucky picks up the gun and unloads it: "Why does it always need to be such a melodrama with you?" Later, the family takes turns performing in the living room, and Nucky reveals a talent for juggling, surprising Margaret.

In bed at the Artemis Club, Gillian coaxes Roger to take a bath. He relaxes in the tub while Gillian washes him, but is startled from his reverie when Gillian stabs him with a syringe of heroin. Gillian drowns a weakened Roger with ease, and places Jimmy's dog tags around his neck. Later that night, just before Roger's body is discovered by one of the returning whores, Gillian tells Harrow: "My son is dead and nothing on earth will ever bring him back."

In an empty church, Gyp yells at God for the hardships in his life. When a priest approaches him, Gyp hits him and steals the collection bag. Later, he meets with Joe Masseria, who confronts him about the mess he's made in New Jersey: "I can't control you. I can't rely on you. And I can't afford you." Desperate, Gyp tells him that Nucky and Arnold Rothstein are working together, and even if Joe kills him it won't prevent a war. Gyp asks for his blessing to finish what he started, promising that when he's through "they're not gonna call you Joe the Boss no more - they're gonna call you Joe the King."

At home, Nucky and Margaret acknowledge the nice time the family had together. Margaret admits her surprise at Nucky's hidden talent and he offers to teach her, but Margaret tells him it's too late. After she goes to bed, Nucky calls Eli to inform him he'll be running the warehouse with Mickey starting in the morning.