Two Impostors
Boardwalk Empire | Season 3 | Episode 11

Two Impostors

TV-MA | 49 MIN

Written by Howard Korder
Directed by Allen Coulter

Nucky's bodyguards remove the crate with Owen's body from the Ritz while Eddie informs Nucky that Margaret and the children have left. Nucky tells him to leave as well, but Eddie refuses, insisting Nucky can't trust his bodyguards like him: "They are only men you pay." Nucky orders him to call Mickey and Chalky, but the line is dead. Rosetti's men enter the suite and open fire.

Finding the office empty, one of the men follows the dog's growls in the bedroom. Nucky, hiding behind the door, picks off the men one by one. When the coast is clear, Nucky and Eddie escape through the back entrance and commandeer a car they won't be recognized in. When Eddie veers off the road, Nucky realizes he's been shot. Nucky tries to leave Eddie at the hospital, but more of Gyp's men arrive and open fire, forcing him to find help elsewhere.

Gyp arrives at the Ritz and is told that Nucky hasn't been caught yet. He tells his men, "I want him in front of me. On his knees or on a slab." After rifling through the contents of Nucky's desk, finding a book given to Nucky by his mother, he announces to Tonino, "I ain't working outta this dump." He and his men head to the Artemis Club and set up camp. Gillian tries to protest, but realizes she won't win.

Lucky meets with two men from Buffalo to discuss a heroin deal, but Lansky is wary about proceeding in the wake of Owen's death. "We need to be very careful now about who people see us do business with. Everything connects, Charlie." He orders Lucky to let the deal go, but Lucky goes through with it anyway, worried about their debt to Masseria. The two men turn out to be cops and they arrest Luciano.

Nucky takes Eddie to Chalky's honkytonk and asks for his support, but Chalky tells him he has enough guns "for me and mine." Faced with his resistance, Nucky begs: "Owen is dead. I can't reach Eli, Eddie is in the car with a bullet in his gut. He needs a doctor. I came to you for help. What is it you'd like to do?" Chalky tells his men to bring in Eddie. "You safe here. For the nonce."

Harrow returns to the Artemis Club after spending the night with Julia, and finds Gillian in his room looking through his scrapbook. Gillian warns him against "dreaming about things that cannot possibly come to pass" because they will only wind up hurting him.

Chalky calls in Samuel to save Eddie. He must perform the surgery without ether, so Chalky and Nucky will need to hold him down while he removes the bullet. Amid Eddie's anguished screams, Gyp and his convoy arrive. Chalky goes to face him, ordering Nucky to keep Eddie quiet. Gyp promises Chalky he'll treat him better than Nucky ever did and offers him $25,000 to give up Nucky.

Samuel removes the bullet, but warns Nucky he must stitch up Eddie immediately or he'll die, even though Gyp is still negotiating outside with Chalky. Nucky stifles Eddie's cries of pain. Meanwhile, Chalky successfully keeps Gyp out of the honkytonk, citing a "private affair."

That night, Chalky warns Nucky about the $25,000 reward for his capture, which Gyp extended to Chalky's men -- "that's a whole lotta money on the Northside." Nucky tells Chalky to name his price, and he reminds him about the club he wants to open on the boardwalk. Nucky asks, "How can I give you what I don't own anymore?"

Chaos descends on the Artemis Club due to Gyp's occupation and Harrow attempts to escape with Tommy. Gillian catches them and Tommy reveals they're headed for Julia's because Tommy doesn't belong there. She fires him, keeping Tommy, and telling two of Gyp's men she wants Harrow gone.

Chalky and Dunn Purnsley put Nucky in the back of a covered truck to get him out of town. When they're stopped by two more of Gyp's men, Dunn pretends to give Nucky up before he and Chalky shoot them in the head. Refusing to be run out of town, Nucky decides to stay and has Chalky bring him to the lumberyard where Eli's oldest son, Willie, works. Nucky promises Chalky the club if he helps him get Atlantic City back. A convoy headed by Eli arrives - he's rounded up Chalky's men and additional forces from Chicago. He cut a deal with Capone, who tells Nucky: "I need a bath. Some chow. And then you and me sit down and we talk about who dies."